Friday, December 16, 2011


Here's just a short post to let you all know that I am safely in Alaska! :) Yesterday was spent organizing my new room and packing. Then Eric and I left for Groome Transportation at 12:15 so that we could catch the 1:00 shuttle to Atlanta. Eric, his sister Crystal, and I were all on the same flight to Seattle, which was really nice! :) So anyway, Crystal met us there and we got on the shuttle and our long adventure began! Things went smoothly through security and everything thankfully, so we had about two and a half hours to wander around before our flight left. And Eric and I found something to eat. Boy is airport food outrageous!

Anyway, I finally got to Fairbanks at 12:20 this morning local time. That's 4:20 AM eastern time... Well, Mom, Caleb, and Charity picked me up and we came to the Regency hotel to sleep. And now it's 7:15 in the morning and I'm just waiting on everyone else to wake up. :p

Well, I guess this blog will be put on hold until January 9 when I fly back to school. Happy end of the semester and I will post again later! God bless! :)

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Last day

It is so sad! I had to say goodbye to most of my friends tonight... I won't see them for nearly a month! :'( Anyway, so yeah, that's sad. Besides that, we had our last final today, then Eric and I are lunch. After that, I hung out with Sarah Dahlstrom for awhile since I hasn't seen her in a while. And then I started moving rooms. Eric helped me, which was nice. So now all my stuff is dumped on the floor of room 1118, but I just got my bed made, so that's good for tonight. But that's getting ahead of myself. At 5:30 all of us who were still here went over to Heldzingers' house and watched Joseph. That was a lot of fun! Then we went over to the little kids park in Collegedale and played sardines in the dark. That was really fun! But we had to rush back to be in the dorm by night check at 11:15... So anyway, I am now off to sleep! Oh yeah, and in case it didn't click, that means my address has changed too, to room 1118. Anyway, goodnight!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 13

Only one more final to go!!!  Yippee!!!!! :)  Today was great.  We had our last SALT worship at 8:45 this morning with Dr. Beitz.  He talked about the need for evangelism.  It was really good.  And then we kept studying for the Christian Witnessing Final.  And then we took that test.  It wasn't as bad as we were fearing thankfully!  And then we had the Topics in Evangelism quiz, which wasn't too bad because we just had to use a book by Russell Burrell and he gave us a test with page numbers and everything, and all we had to do was find the answers. =P  So that was easy.  And we turned in our exit papers for that class...

Anyway, then we had our Southern Connections party, and we all ended up going over to Parkers' house for lunch!  So that was great.  We had two different kinds of soup and lots of chips and crackers and things.  So we had epic fun as usual.  This afternoon I spent getting some stuff done, then we had a study session with Dr. Parker over the stuff for his final tomorrow.  So that was very helpful.  Eric and I came down to my room after that and went over some Bible texts and stuff that we need to know, then we went and played tennis for awhile. :)  It was good to get outside and get some exercise!  Then I came back in, spent a little bit of time in the lobby with Dara and her boyfriend Eric, because she's leaving at 3 in the morning...  And now I'm getting ready for bed!  So goodnight! :)

Monday, December 12, 2011


Today was quite the day!  I got to have a really lazy morning! :)  I wasn't planning on waking up early at all, but my roommate was up by 7...  So I kind of just laid in bed until 8:00, then I got up and went to breakfast.  Then I proofread and printed off my paper that was due for Topics in Evangelism.  Then I went to the final for Topics in Prophetic Studies at 10:00, then we had the final for Topics in Evangelism after that.  Both were really easy, thankfully!!! :)

Then I played racquet ball with Eric for a little bit before going over to Joe's house for lunch.  Then we came back and Eric and I studied for a little while and I cleaned my room.  And then we went over to Parkers' house because today was Mrs. Parker's birthday. :)  So we had pizza and chips and stuff and sang to her.  And then I came back home, called Mom and talked for awhile, and now I'm off to bed.  So goodnight! :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 11

I was really tired today...  I got to bed at like 11:45 or something last night and back up at 7:15 this morning.  I went in to the church at 8:00 to help them figure things out for livestreaming the Christmas program on Sabbath.  So that lasted about 45 minutes.  Then I had gotten a text from Victoria saying that her son Luciano had had a seizure in the night and they had been taken to the hospital, so I went to pick them up and take them home after that.  So by the time I finally got back on campus, it was nearly 10:00!  And then I ate breakfast. =P  I ate at the Village Market and had biscuits and gravy. :)

Then I did homework!  And homework.  And homework.  But I think I'm ready for everything tomorrow. :)  And after the homework, Hahna and I did a little visitation and then went over to Victoria's place for supper / Christmas party.  It was fun.  And then she took a bunch of pictures of us. =P  After that, I came back to the Dorm, visited with Ryan and Victor for awhile, took a piece of paper over to Emily, Katie's roommate, for Katie, and then came back to the dorm where Eric and I have been studying for our exam tomorrow and writing blog posts. =P  So anyway, I'm off to bed pretty quick! :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Today was a lot of fun.  I went to church at Chat First this morning, then came back to the caf for lunch.  After that, I went to the greenway and walked with Matt, Stefan, LisaMarie, Sarah, her roommate, Kayla, Dara, Dara's boyfriend Eric, and Travis.  Oh yeah, and Ernest, aka Squealer, Kayla and Dara's child (football... =P)  That was fun!  And then we went to the Christmas program at the church and after that, a whole bunch of us went over to Stefan's house and watched Scarlet and the Black.  That is such an amazing movie!  Definitely one of my favorites! :)  It's about a Catholic priest during World War II that helped hide a whole bunch of prisoner of war and Jewish people.  It was amazingly powerful!  Anyway, and now I'm back in my room and getting ready for bed.  So goodnight! :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Wow, I don't really know what to say...  I'm a SALT graduate!  A lot of mixed emotions are running through me right now...  But anyway, the graduation went really well.  And Matt got the video done for the beginning.  So both the graduation and the music video are embedded below, so make sure and watch them!  Tim Taylor did the livestreaming for me using my iPhone. :)  I tell you, my phone can do anything! lol  Leslie and Trenton came as well as Doneskies, so that was nice.

After grad, we came back to campus and caught the last half or so of the Christmas concert.  That was really good!  And then we had nachos in the guys dorm and then the hymnsing thing.  And now I'm off to bed!  So goodnight!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Last day of school!

So today was the last day of regular school for this semester!  The rest is just finals and stuff.  And grad tomorrow night.  That's exciting!  Today was spent just doing homework, outreach, and helping Matt get started on the short video that will hopefully get shown at grad.  So yeah, now it's 11:30 and I'm off to bed!  Goodnight!

PS:  Hopefully I'll be able to livestream graduation.  The address to go to is:  The graduation is at 6:00 PM Eastern time, so that would be 2:00 AK time and 3:00 Pacific.  So anyway, hopefully that will work.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Wow, what a day.  I went to the prayer group at 7:00, which it was good to be back in.  And then I had Hebrew at 8:00 and it totally made my day!  I found out that I got 86% on the last test and that my final grade is 92.6%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)  I am SO happy!  So I get to waive the final!  Anyway, so yeah.  NO MORE HEBREW until January!!!!!!! :)

Anyway, then classes and this afternoon homework.  Then we had supper and the Daniel study tonight.  And the SALT team all got together afterwards and spent nearly 45 minutes on our knees praying for contacts and the church and what-not for the last time in the sanctuary...  It was really sad.  And then we finished by singing We Have This Hope of course.  Then I got back to my room and worked on homework.  I think I'm getting ready for bed now.  I'll do the rest in the morning...  Goodnight!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 6

In some ways it feels like I got a lot done today, and in other ways, it certainly doesn't.  We had class all morning, and then after lunch too.  After outreach class, I ran a whole bunch of errands and got a lot done.  I decided to skip outreach today because both of the Bible studies we had canceled...  So we'll just get extra time in on Thursday...  Anyway, I was starting to get some stuff done that's due on Thursday when Katie texts me and says that LisaMarie's van died again.  They were in the middle of our territory doing outreach...  So I ran over to the Tractor Supply and bought jumper cables (funny how you never get something until you absolutely need it...) then I drove over to our territory and gave them a jump.  Then I went to Amir's room and we had prayer, then I came back to my room and continued sorting through papers for the portfolio that's due in Michelle's class...  And now I'm off to bed...  So goodnight!

Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5, 2011

I can't believe it's nearly Christmas!  In some ways, it doesn't feel like Christmas, due to the temperature and lack of snow.  But in other ways, it definitely feels very much like Christmas, because we are constantly singing Christmas songs and everything...  Anyway, it's weird.

Today went well.  The Hebrew test was horrible, but oh well.  Hopefully it doesn't effect grades too much...  Joseph said that Dr. Klingbeil was trying to punish us for something...  The rest of the day was fun.  After classes, we had a photo shoot for the SALT advertisements next year.  We went to a house and staged a whole bunch of Bible studies and door-to-door stuff and everything.  It was lots of fun.  And then I had my interview for the Bible Worker position at the East Ridge church at 5:30.  That went well...  After that, Eric, Matt, and I went through all the video footage I took over the semester because we're responsible for putting together a 5-minute video for grad.  We'll see if it actually gets done...

Anyway, I'm off to sleep.  Have a great night! :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011


So today Eric and I got up at 7:20 and ran down to the pool to go swimming.  We even convinced Ryan and Ashley to join us. :)  Anyway, it was lots of fun.  There was a hot tub and pool outside, and then a heated pool inside, so we made our rounds through all three of them.  Breakfast was at 8:30, so we had to run back up to the room by then.  And then we packed everything up, loaded them into the vehicles, and then went up to the Smoky Mountains where we went hiking for awhile.  We went to this waterfall and went down the creek for a ways.  Nobody got too wet. =P  Then we just wandered around the streets of Gatlinburg for nearly an hour before heading back towards Southern!  We got back by 5:30, then I did a little homework before openhouse at 6:00.  Kayla and Dara put me first on their list, since I had to leave, so they came, saw my room, and visited for a little while.  And then Katie came down, and I took her to all the other guys' rooms in SALT.  Then we went to Magnify's Christmas Concert.  That was really good!  Magnify is a girls quintet.  Most of the girls are students here at Southern and go to the Eastridge Church.  I know 4 out of the 5, so I guess I know most of them. =P  Hahna used to be a part of them for awhile.  Anyway, there were refreshments afterward, so we stayed and visited, and then came back to campus.  I worked on the Study Guide for awhile, and then studied for my Hebrew test in the morning.  Yes, I'm really worried about that...  But it will all be over by 9:00 in the morning...  Anyway, I'm off to bed.  So goodnight!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


So today was epic! But since the Internet isn't working, I'm using my iPhone to post this, do it will be shorter. :p In summery, we spend the whole day at the It Is Written Partnership meetings. They were very inspiring. And of course, our very good friend Pastor Bradshaw was there, so it had to be awesome. :) We had a whole half hour slot in the afternoon program to share testimonies and things from SALT. It was really inspiring just to hear and tell the stories over again.

It's incredible the people that are partners with them! They gave the total of the offering from today and it was $782,200. And there were only 150-200 people in attendance! Yeah, pretty impressive...

After the meeting to tonight where he gave his testimony (which went really late), we spent quite a bit of time taking pictures and visiting with Pastor Bradshaw because he had been too busy during the day with all his partners. But we had a lot of fun after the meeting. Then we came back to the condos and made cookies and played charades and stuff. And then we finally are heading to bed. So goodnight!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Sabbath! :)

We are in Gatlinburg!!!!!! :)  It's so exciting and happy and wonderful.  Anyway, yeah, this morning in Hebrew we finished our reading competition, and I was one of the three winners.  So we got Swiss chocolate. :)  And then we had class from 9:00-12:00.  James Hartley was up from Wildwood and he talked about Medical Mission work.  It was incredible!  Health fairs and health as the entering wedge.  I definitely think I need to study more into some of that stuff.  It's incredible the results he's gotten from that!

At 1:30 we all met at Wright Hall and loaded the van and Expedition for Gatlinburg!  We left somewhere around 2:00 and got here around 4:30.  It was a lot of fun.  Some of us played Amen (Christian Uno =P) for a lot of the way.  And took silly pictures with LisaMarie's computer and other such nonsense.  After we got here, we got settled, looked around a little, then got supper ready and ate.  We started worship at 7:00 with singing, then Dr. Parker had us do some activities, then Michelle had a worship thought on Creationism versus evolutionism and how a lot of Christians are actually evolutionists, and then we had prayer.  I definitely need to explain that other more.  The principals of evolution are that things have to evolve, whereas when God promises us something (aka victory), we have it!  The same voice that spoke the universe into existence is still creating each of us on the inside.  And it's not a work of evolution.

Anyway, I was thinking during worship how many other groups of young people would enjoy having a 2-hour long worship.  No, we didn't get done until after 9...  But it was so wonderful!  And we spent at least 10 or 15 minutes in prayer.  And then we all sang "I Want to Go to Heaven" afterwards of course.  That's a FountainView tradition that's crept in through Sarah's influence. :)  Every time we sing it, it makes me want to go home more...

Oh yeah, I didn't say where we are staying!  We're staying in a condo!!!  Us guys have a room upstairs and the girls have one downstairs.  These are 3 bedroom apartments with everything you'd ever want!  We're eating and living in the girls' one, though, and just coming up here to sleep...  Anyway, I need to get to bed, because I'm on breakfast prep at 7 in the morning, then we rush off to the It Is Written Partnership meeting.  So goodnight! :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Today was so awesome!  Christmas is officially here!!! :)  We had the Christmas on the Promenade event tonight with the lighting of the Christmas tree and everything.  Oh yeah, but before that on outreach, Hahna and I were riding in my 168 horse open sleigh with Christmas music playing. :)  Yeah, I think some people think I'm crazy for still insisting to have the top down on that car, but oh well.  Hahna and I both agreed that it was far too nice a day to have the top up!  And it was still around 40 degrees! :)

Anyway, the program here at Southern was really nice.  Hot chocolate and Donut Holes and everything!  And lots of music from different people.  Anyway, it was a great evening.  I'll put pictures below. :)  Goodnight!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


So it finally clicked why Dr. Klingbeil uses examples from Spanish to explain Hebrew sometimes.  He was talking about how we so often have a problem with Hebrew because we try to grasp it with our English minds, and it is a totally separate language!  He said that it's been a blessing, because he learned Hebrew in German, studied it a little more at seminary in Afrikaans, taught it in Spanish, and now he's teaching it again in English.  So he's had to translate it into at least 4 different languages!  I still don't understand why some people get all the intelligence. =P

Anyway, the rest of the day went well.  I didn't get any homework done this afternoon, but I still felt productive.  I took my car in and got an oil change, which I got $13 off because of military discount. :)  And then I vacuumed it.  And got some stuff at Wal-Mart.  By that time, I came back to my room, got some stuff organized and cleaned, took a shower, and then left for the Daniel study and supper at the church.  That went really well.  It was on Daniel chapter 5.  Anyway, I am off to bed early tonight! :)  Goodnight!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday night

Today was rainy and dreary.  Ugh.  I want SUN!!!!!!  Or snow.  But nothing in between!!!  Anyway, yeah.  Today was good.  Dr. King gave worship this morning.  I really enjoyed that.  And then we did some outreach this afternoon.  Some door knocking and several visitations.  No Bible studies though...  This evening at 10:00 they showed "How Great is Our God" by Louie Giglio in the Talge Chapel for worship.  So I went and watched it again.  It is SO powerful!!!  Anyway, so now it's late and I am off to bed.  So goodnight!

Naked Voices

Here is the video montage from the Naked Voices concert last night...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Back to School!!!!!!

So today we were back in class!!! :)  Yes, I am happy about that.  I've missed everyone while I was gone!  But anyway, I had Hebrew at 8:00, then the other classes...  A mission pilot from Mongolia spoke for our Topics in Evangelism class.  That was really neat!  I want to go to Mongolia now. =P  This afternoon I played racquet ball for a little bit with DeWayne, then I worked on a Bible study that's due tomorrow.  And at 7:30 Naked Voices had their winter concert in Ackerman Auditorium.  It was really good!  They are the A'Capella group here...  I'll try to post a video below this.  For those of you getting this as an email, you'll probably have to go to the blog to watch it...  Sorry about the video quality.  People were in front of me... :(  Anyway, I'm off to bed now.  Goodnight!

PS:  The video is still processing and stuff, so I'll post it in the morning.  I've waited up long enough for it!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Well, today wasn't too exciting.  Got up, had a great breakfast (apple crisp, tofu, and toast), then got ready to leave Gibbs'.  I ended up taking the girls to the pastor's house on my way out, so they were really excited to ride in a convertible. :)  I left the pastor's house by 12:00, and my GPS was saying I was going to get here by 9:00.  Well, I hit traffic.  All through VA, every time a police pulled someone over, all the rest of the cars had to go by at like 20 miles per hour!  It was ridiculous!  I had to be back at Southern by 11:15, so I was starting to get worried.  Finally traffic cleared, but then shortly after I crossed into Tennessee, the rain started.  And so began 2 1/2 hours of sheer terror.  Going 75+ MPH in pouring rain with 0 visibility isn't exactly my idea of fun, but I was racing the clock.  There was one time when it looked like a tornado was right in front of me.  It obviously wasn't, but when I went into it, something sure whipped my car around.  I almost thought I had lost control for a minute, but I stayed on the road. :)  Anyway, so I spent a lot of time praying.  And thank you very much Steve Green and the Gaither Vocal Band for keeping me somewhat "sane". =P  Anyway, I pulled into Southern at 11:10, and Jacob just did night check, so I made it in time!  Goodnight all! :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I got to go to Triadelphia again today!!!!!!!  I am so happy. :)  It's always nice to go "home". :)  The Collegiate Class had the service today, seeing as we were all back, so Sabbath School time was spent running over the program for church.  I did the prayer for the offering.  And we all helped lead all the songs.  Mr. Mueller had somehow incorporated all 10+ Thanksgiving songs in our hymnal into the service, whether it was through hymns, or offertories, or preludes.  So that was nice.  And Eike Mueller did the sermon, which was really good!  I love his speaking.  He talked about A Blazing Hope.  And then we had potluck, which was as good as always.  Oh yeah, and Melinda was home as well, which was nice.  So I got to visit with her for awhile.  And then everyone else - Fridays, Carmen, Schroaders, Possingers, Daugherties, Erntsons, McHenries, and so on.  We didn't leave the church until nearly 4:00. =P  Oh yeah, and Mom, Carmen said to tell you hi. :)  As did everyone else.  They all wanted me to send their greetings to the family.

Anyway, this evening we didn't do a whole lot.  Just had popcorn and smoothies and finished most of the leftovers from Thanksgiving.  And then looked at pictures and videos from Alaska and my time at Southern.  And now I'm off to bed!  So goodnight! :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Sabbath!

Today was spent splitting firewood mostly.  That was fun. :)  We kind of had a leisurely breakfast and morning, and then we hauled some wood and split a bunch of smaller logs by hand, then Elder Gibbs and I went to Home Depot and rented a log splitter for the rest of the wood.  So we had that for 4 hours and got nearly all of it done. :)

After that, I took a shower, we had supper, and then we watched Joseph.  It's been so long since I've seen that one!  It was so powerful, all over again...  "Never forget that moment, and the power of forgiveness..."

Hope you have an amazing Sabbath!

PS:  Below are pictures from today and yesterday

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a day!  I got to sleep in until 8:30 this morning!  That was really nice. :)  Then we got up, had a quick breakfast, and started cooking.  Between Elder Gibbs, Carissa, Christina, and I, we got everything that Mrs. Gibbs was supposed to contribute to the meal done.  So that was really good!  We were planning on eating around 1:00, but we didn't actually eat until 2:15.  But that was better than 3:00. =P  Anyway, we had Brad and Candace Thorp here, Shawn and Jean Boonstra and their girls, and a young guy from church named Stefan, here for lunch.  Pastor Boonstra is so funny!

Anyway, after we had cleaned up from lunch, we turned on the TV and kept an eye on the football game between the Miami Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys.  It's pretty funny, because my Hebrew class has arguments once in awhile over those two.  Half the class is from Florida, so you can guess which one they go for.  And then Joseph and a couple others I think go for the Cowboys.  Well, everyone here was rooting for the Cowboys, and they won!  It was close, but with 3 seconds on the clock, they kicked the ball to gain three points, winning by one point.  So that was pretty epic!

Anyway, I'm finally off to sleep now.  So goodnight! :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So my break started today!!! :)  I am so happy.  I left the college around 6:30 this morning and drove north.  I got gas when I stopped at Taco Bell for lunch and I had averaged 29.26 miles per gallon.  I am really happy about that!  Anyway, I pulled into Gibbs' house at 4:05, but 2 minutes before that I get this call from Gibbs' number and it was one of their friends saying that Mrs. Gibbs had just fallen and broken her wrist.  So I get here, jump out of my car, grab their van keys, and rush her to the hospital.  It was broken really bad and will need surgery.  Anyway, so she is really out of commission.  But the timing was amazing.  Because she fell just as a friend of hers was leaving the house and like 2 minutes before I got here, so God definitely had things worked out.

But anyway, I am ready for a good night's rest, so goodnight! :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Today was amazing! It was the last say before break!!! :) I don't think anyone got much out of classes, but anyway. :p

Oh yeah, and DeWayne bought my car today! We signed all the paperwork, so it's official. :)

Anyway, I need to get to sleep. I'm leaving at 6:00 in the morning and I'm not even packed yet. But I'll do that in the morning.


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Monday, November 21, 2011


I got everything done that was due today!!! :)  I was very happy.  I was up at 5:30 this morning, got the study guide for Parker done, and then went to school and studied my vocab words.  Thankfully I think I did well on that...  And then we started a reading contest, so this should be fun.  After Hebrew, I got some thoughts together for the worship I did for SALT, then did that and went to the other classes for today.  This afternoon, I spent quite a bit of time playing Racquet Ball with DeWayne and Eric, then we came over to Schwarzer's house.  I love having my "own" house to invite people to!  Anyway, so the three of us hung out for awhile and finished homework and stuff until LisaMarie and Katie showed up.  They brought dough and baked cookies!  Those were good. :)  Anyway, they left around 9:00, and then I watched the first episode of the second season of the Road to Avonlea series.  Being back in this house, it just didn't seem right to go without watching at least one more episode!  So I really enjoyed that, but I am now off to bed.  So goodnight!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday night

Ahhhh!  I'm going to go CRAZY, I promise!!!  There is SO much due in the morning!  I have 6 pages of homework due for Hebrew (which I just finished, thankfully!), a Vocab quiz, a worship to give for SALT, a study guide for Dr. Parker, and then a Bible study I'm doing with Thomas in the afternoon on Daniel chapter 9.  He wants to see me do a Bible study.  This sounds kind of scary...  He's the current Bible worker at East Ridge...  So yeah, I'm seriously going to go CRAZY!

Oh well, I guess sanity was never something we were meant to keep anyway.  So I'm letting mine go with grace and dignity.  And the last two sentences have made me feel way better, so I think I'll sign out while I still feel somewhat good.  Goodnight!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


So many things happened today!  I went to the East Ridge Church, just to see how it is.  It's a nice church!  It's not very big, but yet it has a LOT of young people!  I counted, and there were 35 of us in the Collegiate Class!  Yeah, pretty impressive.  After church, I went over to Heldzingers' house for lunch.  Then we went to the Greenway to walk.  I guess it was a 4-mile walk, and it was a lot of fun!  But when we got back, we discovered that somebody had broken the window to one of Heldzinger's vehicles, the van LisaMarie was driving, and had stolen her purse.  I guess there was another Dodge van there that they had done the same thing to.  So that was really annoying.  But I'm just glad they didn't do anything to my car!  2 of us in our group, Matthew and I, had BMWs and they were sitting right next to each other, but both were untouched.  So we were both very thankful.

Anyway, then we went back to their house and had worship, supper, and then we watched a Tim Hawkins DVD.  I thought that I had left him in Alaska, but I found out a long time ago that his influence is just as strong with my friends down here as it was with my friends up there! LOL  But after that, I decided I needed to go, so I left their place around 11:00, dropped Sarah, Katie, and Eric off back at campus, and then came out here to Schwarzer's house for the night.  They ended up not leaving today, so they're leaving first thing in the morning...  But anyway, it's late, I'm tired, and I'm heading to bed.  So goodnight!

PS:  I forgot to say yesterday that I found out that all my funding is in for the mission trip!!!  So I am very happy and thankful about that!!!  Praise God!!!!!!!! :)  And thank you to whoever helped fund it. :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Sabbath!

Where do I begin?  It has been such an amazing day!  It started when Stefan (aka Dr. Brown) came to Hebrew class this morning.  Everything is so much more epic when he's there.  So that was a lot of fun!  And then I found out that I got 100% on the last Hebrew test!!!  I was SO excited and happy!!!

After that, I had a free pancake breakfast provided by the student association, and then Ryan had organized a worship that some of us went to.  I had the worship thought, and I based it on Isaiah 40.  Amir was surprised, because he had just read Isaiah 40 in his personal devotions this morning!

After that, I went over to Uncle Trenton and Aunt Leslie's house for a little bit for Uncle Trenton to show me what to do for the cats and stuff because I'm going to be house-sitting for them until Tuesday.  Then I came back and played Tennis with Eric and then Joel Miller for awhile.  Oh yeah, and Joel and I dressed as twins today because it was twin day.  And he bought this hair coloring spray stuff at Wal-Mart last night, so we had white hair with a red and blue stripe and a pink dot in the middle.  Yeah, it was pretty epic! =P

After tennis, I played Ultimate Frisbee for awhile.  I didn't get any homework done today, but this was the first Friday in 3 weeks that I had gotten to play any sports, so I just decided to enjoy it.  After Frisbee, I took a shower and went to eat "lunch", then, since it was after sundown, DeWayne, Eric, and I just hung out in my room and watched YouTube videos of the Gaither Vocal Band and stuff until time for vespers.

Vespers was SO AWESOME!!!  Our speaker was one of the associate pastors of Pioneer Memorial Church and he was incredible!  He talked about Caleb and how he said "Give me that mountain!"  He said we need to take God at His word, and ask Him universe-sized requests.  Like, "Give me the world!"  So he ended with another appeal for service and committing our lives 100% to God.  But the funny part was when he said that this morning in his personal devotions he had read Isaiah chapter 40, so he was bringing out the highlights of it and using it in his sermon.  That made my jaw drop.  This was the third person today who had read that in their worship!  It was really incredible!

Anyway, after vespers, my hall had a sort of party with hot chocolate and cookies that our RA baked, so that was lots of fun.  But now I am off to sleep, so goodnight! :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Today was busy.  I had to lead song service again this morning.  DeWayne helped me again, because I hadn't really remembered to ask anyone else to. =P

I can't really think of anything else exciting that happened today.  Hahna and I went on outreach.  The two people that we were supposed to do Bible Studies with weren't home.  And it was cold!!!  It sure felt like it was upper thirties to low forties, but my iPhone said it was 48.  I didn't exactly believe it.  A convertible is sort of chilly in those kinds of temperatures. =P

Anyway, I am now off to bed somewhat early!  So have an amazing night! :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Oops, I forgot to put the pictures in. =P  So here they are.

Wednesday night

Hey Y'all!  Today was epic.  It was nerd day, so Joel Miller and I dressed up.  Yeah, it was pretty interesting. =P  I'll put a couple of pictures at the bottom.  Just don't be too terrified! lol

This afternoon I spent most of the time talking to my family, which was nice.  And then we had the Daniel study at the church.  And after that, we kidnapped Deborah and took her to Michelle's place for a surprise birthday party!  That was fun.  I had to leave there, though, because I had to get back by my curfew of 11:00.  So now I'm heading to bed!  And I am really tired...  So goodnight!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Today was pretty good.  Hectic, but good.  Hebrew class in the morning, which thankfully we didn't have a Vocab quiz like I thought we were going to.  Then I got everything done before the next classes.  After lunch, I worked on a Bible Study that's due tomorrow for Michelle, then I played Raquetball with DeWayne and a couple other friends for awhile.  I'm getting better! :)  This evening at 8:00, several of us had a room in the library reserved to watch Soul Surfer.  So I enjoyed that.  And now I'm off to bed!  I promise I will write more shortly, but I am so exhausted right now!  Goodnight.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

November 13

This morning we had two guest speakers for class.  The first was the president of Outpost Centers International.  Talking about all the different mission opportunities they have.  And then it was one of the history/human rights professors talking about human rights.  She was really good.  Then we ate lunch and Hahna and I went on outreach.  Pauline had her second Bible study and then we knocked on a few doors.  We also visited with another of our contacts briefly just to touch bases with him again.  It was really good.

I was not in the homework mood today!  I couldn't concentrate on Hebrew at all, so Eric and I went and played raquetball for awhile, then we went over to Parkers' house for Dr. Parker's birthday party.  There was a bonfire with hotdogs and s'mores and stuff.  Great times! :)

After that, I went to the concert by the Symphony Orchestra and did Hebrew homework while I listened to the music.  That worked pretty well. :)  The concert was pretty good though.

Now I'm heading to bed and will get up early to finish homework.  Have a great night!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


OK, so I have decided that Pastor Nelson is my absolute favorite speaker in the world!  He is amazing!  Three great sermons from him today, lunch at Tony and Jolene's house, a seminar by Dr. Parker, then over an hour at a bonfire and then an epic evening at Heldzinger's house playing games.  It has been an amazing Sabbath!  And it is 12:40 Sunday morning.  I just got back to my room, so I need to get to bed.  So goodnight! :)

Friday, November 11, 2011


Today was a lot of fun.  I took quite a bit of video, so you will see some of this later. :)  But it all began with being able to sleep in until 7:00. :)  I guess you could include the time I got to talk with Heather on the phone last night as well.  It had been nearly 3 weeks since we had talked, so we had a LOT to catch up on!  So I really enjoyed that. :)  And then we had Hebrew this morning.  And then breakfast.  I love Friday morning because they have breakfast burritos! :)  After that, I cleaned my room and then met with Michelle for a half hour.  She was getting feedback on how I've enjoyed SALT and plans for the future and stuff.  All of us students had to meet with either Joe or Michelle...

Then 8 of us went over to one of our contacts' houses and raked her leaves.  She wasn't even home, so it will be a total surprise. :)  So that was a lot of fun!  And then Ryan and I went over to LisaMarie's house for awhile.  We helped them do chores a little and I visited with Stefan, Michael, and Josh. (her brothers...)  And then I met with Sarah, Deborah, and Ryan to go over songs for the morning.  We're doing song service.

Dwight Nelson is here for the weekend!  So he did vespers this evening.  It was so good!  I've missed vespers here while we've had to be at Chat First.  So I'm glad to be back at these. :)  Anyway, I didn't realize that he's been at the Pioneer Memorial Church for 28 years!  I guess they like him as their pastor. =P

After that, they had cookies, brownies, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and stuff in the cafeteria for people.  Not many people went there, but those of us who did had a great time!  It was really nice.  But it is now really late, so I'm off to sleep.  Goodnight!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

November 10

So today was wonderful.  We had nothing due!!!!!!  That was a blessed relief. :)  Just a test in Dr. Martin's class.  I thought I could sleep in because I had no homework that I had to finish, so I set my alarm for 7:00.  I was praying after I woke up when suddenly I remembered I had to lead song service!  So I missed breakfast this morning...  Oh well, saves money. =P

This afternoon outreach went well.  Although it's really starting to get cold.  I'm missing our wood stoves! :(

Anyway, I can't really think of anything exciting to say.  I'm filming for the 11/11/11 thing.  The One Day on Earth.  So tomorrow will be well documented. :)  But anyway, I'm off to bed.  Goodnight!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 9

So today was pretty busy, but good as well.  I got up at 5:00 and worked on Hebrew until 7 something when I finished, ate breakfast, and ran to class at 8:00.  Then I did the Study Guide for Dr. Parker's class before worship at 10:00.  I got my hair cut at 2:00, then I met Dad and sat with him while he ate lunch at the campus kitchen for awhile, then he left for Georgia again.  I played Raquet Ball with DeWayne for a little while after that.  It was a lot of fun!  Then we had the dinner and Daniel Study.  After that, DeWayne, Amir, Matthew and I spent awhile in prayer, and now I'm off to bed!  So goodnight!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wednesday night

Today was pretty long but fun.  Classes this morning.  I had so many things due, and I was finishing them up right before class.  But oh well.  Everything got turned in on time.  And then outreach this afternoon.  Most of the people were gone that we knocked on the doors of...  I picked Dad up after that and we came back to the school and played Tennis for awhile.  Stefan, LisaMarie, and Eric came and played with us.  It was tons of fun!  And then Dad and I came to my room and watched the movie "Walk the Line" about Johnny Cash.  Dad nor I had seen it before, but I had thought it looked interesting.  It wasn't my favorite movie by a long shot.  I didn't realize how messed up his life was.  I guess it just goes to show what happens to people who let their fame and glory go to their heads...

Anyway, Dad just left.  He took my car for the night, since I'm stuck in the dorm now. =P  Oh well.  I won't need it before he gets it back to me.  And I did a little bit of the Hebrew homework that's due by 8:00 in the morning, but I'm going to set my alarm for 5:00 and get to bed for 5 hours.  Then I'll try to finish it in the morning...  So goodnight!

Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7

Where do I begin???  I guess at the beginning of the day. =P  I set my alarm for 5:30 because of the time change, so I felt like I slept in a half hour but yet I got up a half hour earlier. :)  So that was really nice!  After classes, I worked on homework.  I have several papers due tomorrow...  Then I took the two guys who are in the room next to mine to Wal-Mart, because one of them had to get new glasses.  And while I was there, I got a call from Dad saying that he was in Chattanooga!!!  He had been hinting that he might be up here, so I was kind of expecting it, but still, it was really exciting. :)  He rode up with another guy.  I guess they have training here tomorrow...  But anyway, so I went to the hotel they were at and picked him up.  We went to Sonic and got some ice cream, then came back to the college and we played Ping Pong for awhile.  Yeah, he totally smoked me!  I need to practice. =P  So I told him that we're doing Tennis tomorrow night.  See if I can't make a comeback. :)

So anyway, after that I took him back to the hotel and then I came here, worked some on one of my papers and now I'm off to bed.  I'll finish the rest of homework in the morning...  Hope you all have an amazing night! :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Wow, it's been quite the day.  This morning I finished reading the book that I have to write a 2-page report on by Tuesday, and started the report.  And I took my Geo into town and got it washed and vacuumed.  I'm going to miss that car so much!  That is, assuming that it will sell. =P  Anyway, so now it has for sale signs in it at least.  Then I met Hahna at 20 til 1 to go on outreach.  We knocked on doors and she gave one Bible study to Pauline.  That went well.  We got back shortly after 4 and I changed and went over to the park for the fall festival/movie in the park.  That was pretty fun.  As a Southern student I got 10 free tickets. :)  So I used that to buy food, because I hadn't eaten much all day.  Anyway, and then the movie "Up" started at 6:00.  They had a great big blow up screen set up.  It was pretty neat. :)  And Dr. Beitz was there pressing apples into fresh apple cider!!!  Boy was that good!  And it was free!!!  So I had quite a bit of that. :)  Anyway, then we watched the movie and came back to the dorm.  I went over the vocab words I need to know for tomorrow and now am going to bed, to get up early and finish the other stuff I have due...  So anyway, goodnight!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Today was a full day.  One of the people who went to the meetings we had was getting baptized at the Bowman Hills church today, so Hahna and I decided to go there and support him.  So she was going to meet me here at 9:20.  So I changed my alarm from 8:00 to 9:00. =P  Boy did that feel good!  Anyway, so we went to church there.  It was pretty good.  And today was just the most amazing day to have a convertible!  Hahna took some back roads on the way home and so we were racing along those with the top down and the sun shining.  Yeah, it was really nice. :)

This afternoon we were planning on going to Westside for Jesus.  A group meets in front of Wright Hall to go there, but they canceled it today, so we went over to the Goliath wall for awhile and then LisaMarie, Eric, and I went over to the Biology trails and ran around on those for awhile.  Yeah, we had quite the time. =P  And then we went over to Michelle's house for her house dedication.  She just moved...  Anyway, LisaMarie was complaining that she hadn't gotten to ride in my car yet.  So I told her to just park her van and I'd take her to Michelle's.  You would seriously have to know that girl, but I'm not sure I've ever seen her so excited as when she got into the front seat of my car. :)

Tonight we had pizza and salad and Michelle had a little worship, we sang, and then we played games like Pit and Apples to Apples.  It was so much fun!  But now I'm home and I'm off to sleep.  You all have an amazing night!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday night

Another week is through!!! :)  So happy and thankful!!!  This morning I was one of the four people that actually got the Qal Perfect verb paradigm right on the quiz this morning, so I don't have to retake it! :)  That totally made my day!  And then I ate breakfast.  I love Friday morning breakfasts, because they have breakfast burritos. :)

After that, I went into town to the BMW dealership and picked up the rubber grommet for the antenna on my car.  I got it all the way back to campus and could NOT get it installed!  So I finally went back to BMW and they actually put it on for me!  I have been really happy with their customer service, every time I've been there.  They said it was a humongous pain, and they had to use lubricant and everything else, but they got it on and it looks really nice. :)

This afternoon Hahna and I went on outreach again, because we didn't have enough hours this week.  We got 1 more study scheduled.  And we got to visit with several really interesting people.  One especially sticks out.  It was an older man who has lost his wife of 52 years and it still is really affecting him.  We were able to have prayer with him and he was very appreciative of us stopping by.  It's moments like those that keep you going! :)

This evening we had a supper/vespers thing at one of the church members houses.  This weekend was supposed to be a SALT retreat, but we have several baptisms tomorrow and other things that are going on, so this wasn't a good weekend.  So we ended up just having a special evening together.  And we are going for the whole weekend to Gatlinburg for the It Is Written Partnership Retreat instead of just for Sabbath.  Matt's parents are arranging it so we get condos up there and we'll go up early on Friday and come back Sunday sometime.  So that will be amazing!  But anyway, our evening was amazing as well.  Just looking around at the randomnest group of people - people that I honestly thought would never be able to get along with each other when we first started - and realizing how we have become a family.  We laugh together, cry together, pray together, work together, and most importantly, make a difference in people's lives together.  This is what life is all about.  And it's amazing!  Happy Sabbath everyone! :)

Thursday night

So I ended up posting yesterday's on the wrong blog.  Oops!  So anyway, here it is:

Hey Y'all!  Today was pretty epic.  We had John Baxter for worship this morning.  He's here because this week has been student missions week, so he has a booth set up for AFM in the student center and stuff.  So anyway, he talked about how we need to please God.  That needs to be our life goal.

Convocation was good as well.  But I talked about that in my other blog.  If you haven't read it yet, the link is here.  After lunch we had personal evangelism class, then outreach class, and then outreach.  It was pouring down rain, so we weren't really looking forward to knocking on doors, but thankfully Joe had us visiting different people that have come to the meetings, getting a satisfaction survey, and then seeing if they want Bible studies.  So we logged well over 70 miles today I think. =P  But it was really good, because Hahna brought this tape from Focus on the Family.  It was this guy giving his testimony and it was INCREDIBLE!!!  He was telling about all kinds of things he used to do.  He was a professional criminal from the age of 16 until he was caught and put in jail at 21.  He posed as a co-pilot for Pan-Am airlines for a couple of years, then a Pediatric Doctor for another year, then a lawyer for a year.  Meanwhile, he would cash a whole bunch of checks and make lots of money!  So yeah, it was pretty incredible.

The visits went well also. =P  Hahna actually got two of the people to sign up for Bible studies!  So that was exciting. :)

After we got back, I got to meet her friend Mindy that she's been telling me a lot about and then I ran over to the girls' dorm because one of our part-time SALT people, Heather Haynes, was telling about her experiences as a student missionary in Chad.  That was really good as well.  Her main point was that we need to be available for God.

Then I came back to my room, got quite a bit of the homework done that's due tomorrow morning in Hebrew class, and then I'm getting ready for bed.  I'm exhausted and I have a grammar quiz as well in Hebrew tomorrow.  And it's a hundred percent quiz, meaning that I have to get it 100% or retake it...

Anyway, good night!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 2

So today went pretty good.  Hebrew class was good and so were the rest of my classes.  Then I did homework this afternoon.  Probably the highlight was when I went out and played in the leaves for a little while.  See Facebook to see pictures and a video from that. :)

We had the first night of our follow-up Daniel seminar tonight.  That went well also.

Anyway, it's late and I'm exhausted, so goodnight!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November!

So it was a great start to another great month! :)  It was definitely a full day, but between classes and worship and Hebrew lab and outreach and a concert I was able to get a little homework done. =P  So that's a good thing.  But anyway, we're back to our 10 hours a week for outreach.  Today there was a concert in the evening, so we only ended up doing about 2 hours...  But we knocked on quite a few doors and got 2 more Bible studies scheduled for next week!  And one other one that's a maybe.  So that's really exciting as well!

This evening we had the Escher String Quartet in concert at Ackerman Auditorium.  And Jason Vieaux playing classical guitar.  It was really good!  It was $10 a person, unless you were a Southern student. =P  But you had to get tickets early.  I got mine last Thursday after convocation.  So I got free admission plus double convo credit. :)  One of the songs was especially good.  It was the guitar and one violin and it was hilarious!

Anyway, hope you all had an amazing day!  I need to do a little reading and then get to bed!  Goodnight! :)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday evening

Hey ya'll!  Today was a lot of fun!  This morning we had homework due in Hebrew class as well as a daily quiz and a Vocab Quiz.  But the reader forgot to prepare a vocab quiz, so that's postponed until Wednesday! :)  And after that, I worked on the homework that was due in Dr. Parker's class until worship time.  Natanial had worship, and he had some really interesting thoughts.  I want to spend some time writing a blog post about that, but I guess I ran out of time today. =P

Then there was classes and finally lunch!  We had enchiladas for lunch today, and they were so good!  And then chocolate mint pie for dessert.  That was really good!  Oh yeah, and Mexican cornbread as well.  And corn.  Yeah, it was a good lunch.

After lunch, I spent quite a while in Dr. Parker's office getting classes and everything figured out for next semester.  Trying to see if I can work 15 hours a week as a Bible Worker plus take 16 credits of school.  But he thinks I can do it.  So we'll see.  Now, just to see if I get the job with Eastridge or if it will be another church.  Time will tell!

Oh, I keep forgetting to say this!  But I got my Andrew's Study Bible on Saturday night!!!  They gave each of us from SALT one after the meetings.  So I'm having the whole team sign mine.  I think most of them have...  I just need to get all the ones who haven't yet. :)

Anyway, after my talk with Dr. Parker, I was walking out of the Religion Building and I ran into the rest of SALT.  They had just gotten out of their Christian Spirituality class.  So I visited for a little while, then we decided to go play tennis for an hour or so.  So I ran a couple of errands for school, changed my clothes, and then ran over to the tennis courts.  It was a lot of fun!  We definitely need to play more often. :)

Then LisaMarie and I went up to the tables outside of the student center and worked on the homework due for Christian Beliefs.  That took about an hour and a half...  But it's good to have it out of the way!  It was about the Sabbath.

Then DeWayne came to my room and we watched Soul Surfer.  I really enjoyed the movie!  I liked how accurate they tried to be.  I guess they didn't have much choice when the Hamilton family was on the set every single day. =P  There were several things I didn't really like, but overall it was a great film!  And they didn't dwell very long at all on the shark attack, which was a humongous plus.  Now I want to go surfing! lol

But anyway, it is late and I need to get to bed.  So goodnight! :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011


PS:  Here are some pictures from our crazy evening.  Goodnight!

 LisaMarie reading a question for Michael
 Michael only cares about the camera =P
 DeWayne just can't believe it
 Stefan is like, "Really?..."
 Katie's trying to convince everyone that it really is a good idea!
The crazy game we were playing

October 30

Today I didn't get as much done as I wanted, but oh well.  I guess it was a Sunday. =P  This morning they had some sort of an event in the gym with booths from different parts of Southern and stuff for the Alumni to go through.  So I helped with the Evangelistic Resource Center/SALT booth from 9:00 - 10:30.  After that, I worked a little on homework, then ate lunch.  After that I went out behind the dorm where they had a car show today.  So I enjoyed looking at all the cars.  Then I finished the homework that is due in Hebrew by tomorrow and called the family.  While I was talking with Mom, DeWayne came up and we walked over to the Goliath Wall, where I ran into Jordans!  They are friends we met in Michigan when Dad was in seminary and we've kept in touch through the years.  So they were out there, and I got to visit with them for awhile.  They had no idea I was even here! lol  So anyway, they were very happy to see me. :)

After that, I worked a little on different things and took a shower.  And then DeWayne, Deborah, Katie and I met in the conference room upstairs to play games.  It was fun, but then LisaMarie and two of her brothers, Stefan and Michael, came, so then that made everything even more fun! lol  You'd have to know their family...  Anyway, and the game we were playing was absolutely ridiculous.  So yeah...  Anyway, we just finished that and now I'm getting ready to try to learn Hebrew vocabulary for the test in the morning and then I'm off to sleep!  Goodnight!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Today started off when my alarm woke me up at 8:00. =P  I had oatmeal for breakfast, because I actually remembered to grab a couple of packets at the caf yesterday.  So that was good.  Then Ryan, Victor, Eric and I all went to the church.  We had to practice for special music this morning.  Hahna, Victor, Joe, and I all sang Sweet Beulah Land.  It went pretty well, actually.  So I'm uploading it to YouTube right now.  So I doubt it will be up by the time I'm ready to go to bed, so what I'll probably do is post it tomorrow morning...

After church we had potluck, which was really good.  Then we practiced for special music tonight.  Ray, Ryan, DeWayne, Joe, Natanial, and I sang Come Thou Fount.  It went pretty good too.  I'll have to post that as well...

After we practiced, we went up to a beautiful lake and waterfall!  It was called Lula Lake, and it's in Georgia.  It was so pretty!  I'll try to get pictures of that up as well...  We'll see.  I have lots of homework as well.

Tonight was the last meeting.  Which is a good as well as sad thing...  It was on the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  We had fellowship food after that.  And then after I got back to my hall, I found my roommate and a couple other guys from the hall playing with a soccer ball.  They were trying to get it into a trashcan. =P  And then we put the trashcan on it's side and tried kicking the ball into it.  And then we set up two trashcans and played hall soccer.  That was a lot of fun!  And then Katie texted me saying that she and Sarah wanted to watch Voyage of the Dawn Treader, so would I mind taking her to Wal-Mart to get it out of the Redbox DVD rental thing?  So I said OK.  Wal-Mart ended up not having it, but I quickly downloaded the little Redbox iPhone App, and found a place on the Lee Highway that did have it.  So we drove over there.  And we put the top down on my car, and it was 39 degrees out.  But it was a lot of fun!  Especially when I started "racing" a Mustang. =P  But my common sense quickly overruled when I remembered that it's a Saturday night and we had already seen a whole bunch of police out.  So I quickly slowed back down to the speed limit. =P

I kind of wanted to watch the movie with them, but we couldn't come up with a practical idea on to how or where we could watch it, and since it was already 11:00, I decided the better part of wisdom would be to go to bed. =P  So that is what I'm doing!  Goodnight!

PS: The video from special music is below.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Sabbath!

Today was quite frustrating at first.  After Hebrew class, I went downtown to try to get temporary tags for my car.  And it was pouring down rain, which makes it miserable to begin with.  And then I couldn't find anywhere to park down there!  Finally I found the right building, and found out that I had to have an emissions test before they would give me tags.  So I decided I'll just forget it.  I'll leave the little cardboard thing on that says "Tags applied for" until I get my Alaska tags.  But that wasted most of my morning, so I didn't get back to my room to work on homework until nearly 11:30.  But then I got my clothes folded and more of that book read.  And worked a little on the Hebrew homework that's due on Monday.  So I got quite a bit accomplished this afternoon.  And then I ate dinner!  Since Friday breakfasts are so big (it's breakfast burritos in the caf), I usually skip lunch and eat at 5:00 since it's cheaper than lunch and it's usually something really good Friday night.  Often haystacks or chile hot dogs.  Today was haystacks. :)

Then the meeting tonight was on Heaven.  That was really good.  Tim Taylor spoke, so that was nice.  The pastor has let each of the ministerial externs preach one meeting, so tonight was his turn.  He did a good job.  Then Hahna, Victor, Joe, and I went over "Sweet Beulah Land" for tomorrow morning.  We're singing that for Sabbath School.  I'll see if I can't get someone to record us and then I can upload it for you all...  Then I as so happy because it quit raining so I could put the top down on the car when we came home!  It was pretty cold, but oh well.  Everyone survived. =P

Now I am off to sleep!  Goodnight and Happy Sabbath! :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Oh yeah, here is the photo I promised in daylight.  And just a side note.  Some people thought that I had replaced the windshield yesterday in the BMW.  But it was in my Geo...

October 27

Today was so wonderful!  We had outreach in the afternoon and I got to drive my car again. :)  But that's getting ahead of myself. =P

This morning we had Hebrew lab, then Michelle's class where Dr. Parker taught most of it about clearing people for baptism.  Then we had convocation, which was pretty good.  And then lunch.  And after that we had Personal Evangelism.  And Dr. Martin forgot to bring the quizzes, so he gave us each the 10 points for it!!! :)  So that was a highlight.  And then we had Joe's outreach class.  He tries to tell us all that his is the serious class - the one that we aren't allowed to have fun in.  Unfortunately, his is the class that we look forward to all day.  Well, that's what we told him.  And it's really ridiculous because we are all so hilarious and giggly in his class.  Everything seems so funny...  But then Hahna and I had several Bible studies scheduled this afternoon.  Unfortunately, no one was home except for one guy who is scheduled for Tuesday nights, but we hadn't seen him in a long time, so we stopped and had a really nice visit with him.  And I am so glad it didn't rain!  We were able to put the top down on the car on the way out to our territory and back.  Hahna drove us back to the college, and it was so nice being able to lean my head against the seat and stare up into the sky. :)

Anyway, then I read a little bit in the long book that is supposed to be read and a 2-4 page report written on it by Tuesday...  And then studied flashcards for the vocab quiz in the morning.  I am so not ready for that...  Oh well.  My head feels like a brick though, so I'm off to sleep!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday night

Well, today has been really rough, but it's ended amazing!  I was tired I guess, and nothing seemed to go right.  I guess it started when the guy who was supposed to replace my windshield between 12 and 3 got here after 3:00.  And I had to run some errands this afternoon.  But yeah, things all worked out and I am still alive. =P  Yeah, and then somehow years on my car got mixed up so he had the wrong windshield, but thankfully he was able to go ahead and get another windshield and still finish it up this evening sometime.

OK.  Drumroll please...  I bought a new car today!!!  I am SO excited!!!  It's a BMW 323i and it's a convertible!!!  It's a 1998 and it is so amazing!  Definitely not perfect, but good enough for me.  I have pictures below that I took tonight after coming home from the meeting.  Thankfully Hahna was able to take me over to pick up my car right before the meeting, so then I just went directly from there to the seminar.  Anyway, having a convertible at night is so nice. :)  Although I couldn't watch the stars very well while I was driving. =P  But anyway, I will try to get more photos tomorrow in the daylight and will upload them tomorrow night.  But these will do for now...

I'm off to sleep!  Goodnight!