Sunday, November 27, 2011


Well, today wasn't too exciting.  Got up, had a great breakfast (apple crisp, tofu, and toast), then got ready to leave Gibbs'.  I ended up taking the girls to the pastor's house on my way out, so they were really excited to ride in a convertible. :)  I left the pastor's house by 12:00, and my GPS was saying I was going to get here by 9:00.  Well, I hit traffic.  All through VA, every time a police pulled someone over, all the rest of the cars had to go by at like 20 miles per hour!  It was ridiculous!  I had to be back at Southern by 11:15, so I was starting to get worried.  Finally traffic cleared, but then shortly after I crossed into Tennessee, the rain started.  And so began 2 1/2 hours of sheer terror.  Going 75+ MPH in pouring rain with 0 visibility isn't exactly my idea of fun, but I was racing the clock.  There was one time when it looked like a tornado was right in front of me.  It obviously wasn't, but when I went into it, something sure whipped my car around.  I almost thought I had lost control for a minute, but I stayed on the road. :)  Anyway, so I spent a lot of time praying.  And thank you very much Steve Green and the Gaither Vocal Band for keeping me somewhat "sane". =P  Anyway, I pulled into Southern at 11:10, and Jacob just did night check, so I made it in time!  Goodnight all! :)

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