Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 6

In some ways it feels like I got a lot done today, and in other ways, it certainly doesn't.  We had class all morning, and then after lunch too.  After outreach class, I ran a whole bunch of errands and got a lot done.  I decided to skip outreach today because both of the Bible studies we had canceled...  So we'll just get extra time in on Thursday...  Anyway, I was starting to get some stuff done that's due on Thursday when Katie texts me and says that LisaMarie's van died again.  They were in the middle of our territory doing outreach...  So I ran over to the Tractor Supply and bought jumper cables (funny how you never get something until you absolutely need it...) then I drove over to our territory and gave them a jump.  Then I went to Amir's room and we had prayer, then I came back to my room and continued sorting through papers for the portfolio that's due in Michelle's class...  And now I'm off to bed...  So goodnight!

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