Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday evening

Hey ya'll!  Today was a lot of fun!  This morning we had homework due in Hebrew class as well as a daily quiz and a Vocab Quiz.  But the reader forgot to prepare a vocab quiz, so that's postponed until Wednesday! :)  And after that, I worked on the homework that was due in Dr. Parker's class until worship time.  Natanial had worship, and he had some really interesting thoughts.  I want to spend some time writing a blog post about that, but I guess I ran out of time today. =P

Then there was classes and finally lunch!  We had enchiladas for lunch today, and they were so good!  And then chocolate mint pie for dessert.  That was really good!  Oh yeah, and Mexican cornbread as well.  And corn.  Yeah, it was a good lunch.

After lunch, I spent quite a while in Dr. Parker's office getting classes and everything figured out for next semester.  Trying to see if I can work 15 hours a week as a Bible Worker plus take 16 credits of school.  But he thinks I can do it.  So we'll see.  Now, just to see if I get the job with Eastridge or if it will be another church.  Time will tell!

Oh, I keep forgetting to say this!  But I got my Andrew's Study Bible on Saturday night!!!  They gave each of us from SALT one after the meetings.  So I'm having the whole team sign mine.  I think most of them have...  I just need to get all the ones who haven't yet. :)

Anyway, after my talk with Dr. Parker, I was walking out of the Religion Building and I ran into the rest of SALT.  They had just gotten out of their Christian Spirituality class.  So I visited for a little while, then we decided to go play tennis for an hour or so.  So I ran a couple of errands for school, changed my clothes, and then ran over to the tennis courts.  It was a lot of fun!  We definitely need to play more often. :)

Then LisaMarie and I went up to the tables outside of the student center and worked on the homework due for Christian Beliefs.  That took about an hour and a half...  But it's good to have it out of the way!  It was about the Sabbath.

Then DeWayne came to my room and we watched Soul Surfer.  I really enjoyed the movie!  I liked how accurate they tried to be.  I guess they didn't have much choice when the Hamilton family was on the set every single day. =P  There were several things I didn't really like, but overall it was a great film!  And they didn't dwell very long at all on the shark attack, which was a humongous plus.  Now I want to go surfing! lol

But anyway, it is late and I need to get to bed.  So goodnight! :)

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