Sunday, November 6, 2011


Wow, it's been quite the day.  This morning I finished reading the book that I have to write a 2-page report on by Tuesday, and started the report.  And I took my Geo into town and got it washed and vacuumed.  I'm going to miss that car so much!  That is, assuming that it will sell. =P  Anyway, so now it has for sale signs in it at least.  Then I met Hahna at 20 til 1 to go on outreach.  We knocked on doors and she gave one Bible study to Pauline.  That went well.  We got back shortly after 4 and I changed and went over to the park for the fall festival/movie in the park.  That was pretty fun.  As a Southern student I got 10 free tickets. :)  So I used that to buy food, because I hadn't eaten much all day.  Anyway, and then the movie "Up" started at 6:00.  They had a great big blow up screen set up.  It was pretty neat. :)  And Dr. Beitz was there pressing apples into fresh apple cider!!!  Boy was that good!  And it was free!!!  So I had quite a bit of that. :)  Anyway, then we watched the movie and came back to the dorm.  I went over the vocab words I need to know for tomorrow and now am going to bed, to get up early and finish the other stuff I have due...  So anyway, goodnight!

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