Thursday, October 27, 2011

October 27

Today was so wonderful!  We had outreach in the afternoon and I got to drive my car again. :)  But that's getting ahead of myself. =P

This morning we had Hebrew lab, then Michelle's class where Dr. Parker taught most of it about clearing people for baptism.  Then we had convocation, which was pretty good.  And then lunch.  And after that we had Personal Evangelism.  And Dr. Martin forgot to bring the quizzes, so he gave us each the 10 points for it!!! :)  So that was a highlight.  And then we had Joe's outreach class.  He tries to tell us all that his is the serious class - the one that we aren't allowed to have fun in.  Unfortunately, his is the class that we look forward to all day.  Well, that's what we told him.  And it's really ridiculous because we are all so hilarious and giggly in his class.  Everything seems so funny...  But then Hahna and I had several Bible studies scheduled this afternoon.  Unfortunately, no one was home except for one guy who is scheduled for Tuesday nights, but we hadn't seen him in a long time, so we stopped and had a really nice visit with him.  And I am so glad it didn't rain!  We were able to put the top down on the car on the way out to our territory and back.  Hahna drove us back to the college, and it was so nice being able to lean my head against the seat and stare up into the sky. :)

Anyway, then I read a little bit in the long book that is supposed to be read and a 2-4 page report written on it by Tuesday...  And then studied flashcards for the vocab quiz in the morning.  I am so not ready for that...  Oh well.  My head feels like a brick though, so I'm off to sleep!

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