Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 21

Wow. I have not posted anything for a long time! I feel horrible about it! Anyway, life has been super crazy. Trying to balance classes and homework and friends and work and a girlfriend. And trying to stay sane through it all... It's been quite the semester so far.

I just got back from fall break. I'm taking a canoeing class, so this was our class trip. We went down a river for four days in canoes. It was a lot of fun! I ended up tipping my canoe the first day, which made everything get wet for the next day or two. But everything had pretty much dried out by the end of it. :)

Definitely the highlight of the trip was getting back to my room and getting a note from my awesome girlfriend written on the bathroom mirror saying welcome back. :) And letters from her. But anyway, I'm super tired. I will try to write more regularly... Have an awesome night! :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday night

So I feel really bad.  I haven't posted anything for several days now!  Life has been crazy.  Sabbath evening we had a pool party at Heldzingers' house.  That was a lot of fun!  It was dark and we turned the pool lights on. :)  It was slightly chilly, but that's alright.  Then we played games inside as well.

Sunday was the Health Expo at the church.  So that's what I was doing all afternoon.  I was in charge of the computer table.  We basically plugged a bunch of information into a computer and it calculated their health age.  Anyway, it was a success I think.  Quite a few people came out for it.

Today was spent in classes and homework.  And working on my car.  A hose broke going to the radiator on Friday...  Yeah, another long story.  But I'm trying to get that fixed.  Got the radiator taken out this afternoon and just waiting on parts to get here...  Then I had a Bible study and tonight we had our mentor's meeting.  Then Seth and I have been throwing around ideas for this promotional video he's supposed to filming tomorrow.  So yeah, now I'm going to try to head to bed.  Goodnight! :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday night

Wow, I haven't posted in a long time!  But I've had an epic weekend!  Friday night I had my first vespers date. lol  Yeah, Lisamarie agreed to come with me. =P  So that was nice.  Then we walked round and round the church and the middle school and stuff for quite awhile afterwards.  And it was neat because it was a blue moon, so we took a picture with the moon too. :)

Sabbath we went to Eastridge, then ate lunch at Heldzingers' place.  After lunch Lisamarie and I went and visited her horse for awhile before going to a vespers/welcome back party at a friend's house.  Then we went to the official welcome back party here on campus.  So it was a really full day!

Sunday was spent in homework.  At least the morning was.  Then we played tennis, and then I played some board games with William Ashton and Isaac.  That was fun. :)  Then I met Lisamarie in the afternoon to do some reading.  And in the evening I had to be at both hall worships here in the dorm.  So that was Sunday!

Today was spent in classes, working on the Africa mission trip video, and giving Bible studies this evening.  And then a mentor meeting at 9:00.  And now I'm getting ready for bed!  So goodnight! :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

One Month!!!!!!

So, it's been a whole month!!!  And hopefully you don't sit back and try to figure out what's been a month...  If you do, you'll figure it out by the end of this.

Anyway, this morning was the first day of school.  I had only one class: Life and Teachings of Jesus.  It's going to be an intense class, but I'm really looking forward to it. :)  After that, Lisamarie and I went to the library until convocation.  It was the student dedication convo.  I really enjoyed it.  After that, I grabbed a quick lunch in the caf, then came back to my room and worked on some stuff before rushing off to a Bible study with Louise.  After that, I picked Lisamarie up for a date.  I took her to an Italian restaurant in downtown Chattanooga.  It was really neat!  She was surprised and really enjoyed herself. :)  Then we came back just in time for the School of Religion welcome party, where we sang, had a worship talk, did some activities, and then had Root Beer Floats.  Mmmm. lol

So yeah, if you hadn't figured it out, it's been a month that Lisamarie and I have been dating.  And I am so super happy.  But I am off to bed now, so will write more later!  Goodnight! :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Today has been a long day.  So much has happened!  Got up and met in the gym at 7:00 this morning to get ready for Community Service day.  After a small breakfast and worship, we went in our different groups to different places.  My Southern Connections class went to this little church and helped them clean out a storage room they're turning into an office for the pastor as well as just clean the whole church.  Then I spent some time with Lisamarie walking around campus figuring out where classes are going to be and stuff.  After that, I worked on cleaning up our room for awhile before going to the Organizational Showcase in the gym.  I wore my SALT shirt and stood at the booth for awhile.  Then I rushed off for prayer meeting.  They started the suppers at the church before prayer meeting again tonight!  So I'm happy about that. :)  Anyway, after prayer meeting, Lisamarie and I stopped by the Religion building and caught the tail end of the new SALT class's orientation and met some of the students.  And at 10:00 we had returning student orientation here in the dorm...  That's over though and now I'm off to bed!  Goodnight! :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 28

So yesterday and today have been super busy.  I've had mentor stuff to do, and also running my brother around.  He bought a new car!  It's a really nice '96 Ford Mustang.  And then it somehow got a screw in the water pump, causing us to have to replace that...  So we've spent a lot of time under the hood of that car in the last two days.

This morning all of us mentors met and did a bunch of team building exercises.  That was tons of fun!  I think my favorite one was where a person would stand in the middle of this circle of people and close his eyes and put his hands across his chest, then he would just fall any direction and let the circle of people push him around.  It was so relaxing to be in the middle!  Anyway, tons of fun.

This afternoon was spent working on Seth's car and getting it finished up and then I took a walk with Lisamarie and visited with her awhile.  I hadn't seen her since Sunday!  She and Stefan came back from vacation late last night, but I hadn't had any time until about 9:00 tonight. :(

Anyway, I'm super tired, so I will say goodnight! :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Awesome Weekend!

Wow, so I haven't updated you all in awhile, but I've had an amazing weekend!  I finished my Hebrew 3 class on Thursday.  That was quite the milestone!  No more Hebrew!!!!! :)  After that, I picked Seth up and then went up to Gatlinburg for the weekend with the Heldzinger Family.  That was amazing!!!  We were at this resort with a water park in it.  Anyway, so we spent a lot of time in that Thursday night and Friday.  On Sabbath we went on a hike to some falls in the Smoky Mountains, and then today Seth and I came back.  Our Student Mentor job started this afternoon...  So we had a really good seminar on leadership. And then we helped out with the welcome party.  It's fun running into all of our friends again!!!!  Anyway, I'm off to sleep.  Goodnight! :)