Saturday, December 3, 2011


So today was epic! But since the Internet isn't working, I'm using my iPhone to post this, do it will be shorter. :p In summery, we spend the whole day at the It Is Written Partnership meetings. They were very inspiring. And of course, our very good friend Pastor Bradshaw was there, so it had to be awesome. :) We had a whole half hour slot in the afternoon program to share testimonies and things from SALT. It was really inspiring just to hear and tell the stories over again.

It's incredible the people that are partners with them! They gave the total of the offering from today and it was $782,200. And there were only 150-200 people in attendance! Yeah, pretty impressive...

After the meeting to tonight where he gave his testimony (which went really late), we spent quite a bit of time taking pictures and visiting with Pastor Bradshaw because he had been too busy during the day with all his partners. But we had a lot of fun after the meeting. Then we came back to the condos and made cookies and played charades and stuff. And then we finally are heading to bed. So goodnight!

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