Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Last day

It is so sad! I had to say goodbye to most of my friends tonight... I won't see them for nearly a month! :'( Anyway, so yeah, that's sad. Besides that, we had our last final today, then Eric and I are lunch. After that, I hung out with Sarah Dahlstrom for awhile since I hasn't seen her in a while. And then I started moving rooms. Eric helped me, which was nice. So now all my stuff is dumped on the floor of room 1118, but I just got my bed made, so that's good for tonight. But that's getting ahead of myself. At 5:30 all of us who were still here went over to Heldzingers' house and watched Joseph. That was a lot of fun! Then we went over to the little kids park in Collegedale and played sardines in the dark. That was really fun! But we had to rush back to be in the dorm by night check at 11:15... So anyway, I am now off to sleep! Oh yeah, and in case it didn't click, that means my address has changed too, to room 1118. Anyway, goodnight!

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