Monday, December 12, 2011


Today was quite the day!  I got to have a really lazy morning! :)  I wasn't planning on waking up early at all, but my roommate was up by 7...  So I kind of just laid in bed until 8:00, then I got up and went to breakfast.  Then I proofread and printed off my paper that was due for Topics in Evangelism.  Then I went to the final for Topics in Prophetic Studies at 10:00, then we had the final for Topics in Evangelism after that.  Both were really easy, thankfully!!! :)

Then I played racquet ball with Eric for a little bit before going over to Joe's house for lunch.  Then we came back and Eric and I studied for a little while and I cleaned my room.  And then we went over to Parkers' house because today was Mrs. Parker's birthday. :)  So we had pizza and chips and stuff and sang to her.  And then I came back home, called Mom and talked for awhile, and now I'm off to bed.  So goodnight! :)

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