Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday night

Another week is through!!! :)  So happy and thankful!!!  This morning I was one of the four people that actually got the Qal Perfect verb paradigm right on the quiz this morning, so I don't have to retake it! :)  That totally made my day!  And then I ate breakfast.  I love Friday morning breakfasts, because they have breakfast burritos. :)

After that, I went into town to the BMW dealership and picked up the rubber grommet for the antenna on my car.  I got it all the way back to campus and could NOT get it installed!  So I finally went back to BMW and they actually put it on for me!  I have been really happy with their customer service, every time I've been there.  They said it was a humongous pain, and they had to use lubricant and everything else, but they got it on and it looks really nice. :)

This afternoon Hahna and I went on outreach again, because we didn't have enough hours this week.  We got 1 more study scheduled.  And we got to visit with several really interesting people.  One especially sticks out.  It was an older man who has lost his wife of 52 years and it still is really affecting him.  We were able to have prayer with him and he was very appreciative of us stopping by.  It's moments like those that keep you going! :)

This evening we had a supper/vespers thing at one of the church members houses.  This weekend was supposed to be a SALT retreat, but we have several baptisms tomorrow and other things that are going on, so this wasn't a good weekend.  So we ended up just having a special evening together.  And we are going for the whole weekend to Gatlinburg for the It Is Written Partnership Retreat instead of just for Sabbath.  Matt's parents are arranging it so we get condos up there and we'll go up early on Friday and come back Sunday sometime.  So that will be amazing!  But anyway, our evening was amazing as well.  Just looking around at the randomnest group of people - people that I honestly thought would never be able to get along with each other when we first started - and realizing how we have become a family.  We laugh together, cry together, pray together, work together, and most importantly, make a difference in people's lives together.  This is what life is all about.  And it's amazing!  Happy Sabbath everyone! :)

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