Saturday, November 26, 2011


I got to go to Triadelphia again today!!!!!!!  I am so happy. :)  It's always nice to go "home". :)  The Collegiate Class had the service today, seeing as we were all back, so Sabbath School time was spent running over the program for church.  I did the prayer for the offering.  And we all helped lead all the songs.  Mr. Mueller had somehow incorporated all 10+ Thanksgiving songs in our hymnal into the service, whether it was through hymns, or offertories, or preludes.  So that was nice.  And Eike Mueller did the sermon, which was really good!  I love his speaking.  He talked about A Blazing Hope.  And then we had potluck, which was as good as always.  Oh yeah, and Melinda was home as well, which was nice.  So I got to visit with her for awhile.  And then everyone else - Fridays, Carmen, Schroaders, Possingers, Daugherties, Erntsons, McHenries, and so on.  We didn't leave the church until nearly 4:00. =P  Oh yeah, and Mom, Carmen said to tell you hi. :)  As did everyone else.  They all wanted me to send their greetings to the family.

Anyway, this evening we didn't do a whole lot.  Just had popcorn and smoothies and finished most of the leftovers from Thanksgiving.  And then looked at pictures and videos from Alaska and my time at Southern.  And now I'm off to bed!  So goodnight! :)

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