Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Sabbath!

Where to begin?  I guess with the first praise of the day.  We didn't have a quiz in Hebrew!  That was very exciting!  And then DeWayne and I went over to Ryan's aunt's house for breakfast.  She had made buiscuits and gravy and tofu and stuff for Ryan's birthday.  So he had invited us and Eric and Amir.

Oh oh oh!  I forgot to mention that I was awakened from a very sound sleep at just past midnight to the sound of the fire alarms...  Our first fire drill.  Yeah, that was not a happy sound, but we all lived. =P

At 12:15, DeWayne, Ryan, Eric, Katie, and I left for the theater to go see Courageous.  That movie is amazing!!!  Definitely well worth the wait!  Yeah, I was in tears for a lot of it...  But it had some pretty funny moments as well.

The opening night of the evangelistic series was tonight as well.  It went really well!  We met at 6:00 for prayer, then I went to pick up Kevin, one of our Bible study contacts, and brought him to the meeting.  He's a 16-year-old boy who's parents really appreciate us taking an interest in him.  And it was his mother who really wanted him to come.  But he really enjoyed it.

I got back to the dorm and was just starting to write this when Katie texted me and told me a group was up in the Talge Chapel having a hymsing.  So I went up there for about 45 minutes.  And then I finally came back down here because I am so exhausted...  So I'll head to bed!

Oh, but I finally figured out the mystery about my car.  My window was just open enough to let them get their arm down to unlock the door.  And DeWayne remembered the keys that I keep in the ash tray, so moving the car was easy. =P  Yeah, I had forgotten about that...

Anyway, below are pictures from last night and today.  Have a wonderful Sabbath! :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday night

So late, so little time, but so much to say!  I had to finish my Matthew 24 study this morning, then I ran and ate breakfast, then Deborah helped me with song service.  After that, Hebrew lab and worship.  Dr. Hasel spoke for that and it was really good!  After Michelle's class we had convocation.  It was A. C. Green who spoke.  He's a retired pro basketball player who played in the NBA for like 13 years.  Most of his time was in the Los Angeles Lakers.  It's hard to believe he's already retired.  He's only 48.  But yeah, he had an amazing testimony and challenge for students here at Southern.  He was talking about how he was able to keep his Christianity even through he was part of a bunch of worldly people.  And he made an appeal at the end that we would have our morals rise as we're in college, not fall like most people.  So it was really good.

When we got back from outreach, I was really feeling piano withdrawals, because I haven't touched one for like a month.  So I went over to the music building and played for close to 20 minutes.  I was so happy. :)  But as I was walking back over to the dorm, I noticed someone had written on my back windshield "Caution: Alaskan Driver" and had moved my vehicle so it was halfway on the lawn.  I am really confusolated because I saw DeWayne, Ryan, LisaMarie, and Katie nearby eating pizza at DeWayne's car, so I assume it was they who did it.  And I happen to know LisaMarie has the car window paint and she was modifying some of the stuff on DeWayne's car at the time.  And her car had on the back windshield "Caution: Canadian Driver", so I seriously think it was them.  But they won't admit to anything. =P

Well, after that, I worked some on Hebrew homework, Dad called, then I decided to get to bed and get up early to finish my homework.  But as I passed Victor's room, I heard the song "You Raise Me Up", so that gave me an excuse to bug him.  I hadn't ever been in his room before...  But anyway, he had his electric guitar out, and so I enjoyed quite a concert for quite awhile.  And then Ryan happened to stop by right as I was getting ready to leave.  So then I stayed for awhile more.  So now I'm finally getting ready to get to bed and I'll get up at 5...

But tomorrow will be wonderful!  I'm watching Courageous at like 1:05 or something...  And the Evangelistic Meetings are starting tomorrow night.  So that is exciting!  Anyway, talk to you later! :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DeWayne's birthday!

Yep, today was quite the day!  It was DeWayne's birthday, but he didn't want anyone to sing to him.  But we did - at worship. =P  And LisaMarie wrote Happy Birthday on the board and we all signed our names.

Classes went normally, and then after lunch, Deborah and I worked on our Matthew 24 study together.  That was a lot of fun.  And we got them mostly done.  I just need to come up with an introduction for mine and possibly another illustration or two...  Then I went to Ryan's room and studied a little before we went to the Evangelistic Meetings planning meeting.  During the middle of it, LisaMarie went out and wrote and drew all over DeWayne's windows on his car and I took the Fuel Pump Relay out, so it wouldn't start. =P  So everybody had pretty much "left" when DeWayne tried to start his car, and of course, it wouldn't start.  That was hilarious!  So then all the cars pulled back in and everybody jumped out and sang Happy Birthday to him again. =P  Then Katie pulled out little things of ice cream she had brought and we played 2 rounds of Ninja.  And I "fixed" DeWayne's car again. :)  We finished by all gathering around DeWayne and praying for him.  It was really neat.  Then we came home, I'm writing this, and I'm going right to bed!  So goodnight! :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quick Goodnight

Just a quick update.  It's extremely late and I'm tired.  But the highlight of today was outreach.  Deborah and Sarah share the same territory as Hahna and I, so we decided to go out together today.  Hahna and I went to Hixson which was over a half hour away and gave some invitations to a couple of people that bought some books from a colpourter last week.  And then we met Deborah and Sarah back near our territory in a mall.  We took off to four corners of the mall and started handing out invitations to the prophesy meetings until we were kicked out. =P  Yeah, that was fun. lol  But I got nearly everyone eating in the food court. :)  Then we stormed some apartments and finished up an entire neighborhood in 25 minutes.  Yeah, it's amazing what four people can do when you divide and conquer. :)  So anyway, that was about all of our afternoon.  Except for the Bible study we had at 7.  Hahna gave it (her first one) and it went really well.  The man is even planning on attending all the prophecy meetings, so that's exciting.  Pray he comes!

Anyway, I'm off to bed.  Goodnight!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Early night! (sorta...)

Well, it's 9:30 and I'm going to just take a quick shower and get to bed!  So my goal is to be in bed by 10:00...  That will be so nice! :)

Today was the easier day.  We just had Hebrew class at 8, then worship at 10, Topics in Prophetic Studies with Chester Clark at 11, and Christian Beliefs at 12.  That was really good!  Then we all ate in the cafeteria, and I went back to my room and did homework.  And after Hahna got out of Christian Spirituality at 3:15, we went over Daniel 7 together and got our Bible studies somewhat ready for Chester Clark on Wednesday...

This evening was the first night for InTents.  It was pretty good.  Ron Halverson, Jr. is here for that.  They have a great big tent set out in the lawn and that's where the meetings are held.  So the whole week the theme will be God's Amazing Grace.

Anyway, I'm off to bed.  Hope you all had an amazing day!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday night

Hello all!

So today was pretty good.  I slept in until nearly 8:30. :)  Class started at 9:30.  We had a special guest, Joe Cirigliano, as our speaker.  He was really good!  Basically he answered our questions on evangelism for 3 hours. :)  Then most of us ate lunch at the Campus Kitchen.  Hahna couldn't go with me this afternoon, so Deborah went on my Bible studies with me.  And we were outreach partners for the blitz that we did this afternoon.  Instead of doing normal outreach today, all of us took territories near the church and just gave as many flyers out as possible.  So we had one street we did and then several apartment buildings.  And we gave one Bible study.  So all in all it went pretty well.  After I got home, I did a little homework, then called Mom and the family and talked for nearly 2 hours.  Then I went up to DeWayne's room where we ate some popcorn and stuff and I got most of my Hebrew homework done that's due in the morning.  I'll finish it when I get up...

So anyway, I'm off to sleep.  Goodnight!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


What a wonderful, happy Sabbath! :)  I took DeWayne, Katie, and Eric to church this morning.  Michael Porter was the speaker, so that was really neat!  I had seen him in the bulletin last week for a "Being Neighbors With Muslims" seminar this afternoon, but I didn't know if he was doing the sermon too until Thursday.  But anyway, he did both, so that was nice. :)  Oh yeah, and he said to tell my family hello from him. :)  But anyway, we had lunch over at Michelle's place, then we joined the Bible Worker Club for a little while, handing out flyers for the evangelistic meetings.  Joe, Katie, DeWayne, and I went to an apartment complex for the 20 minutes we had and we each just took a building and started knocking on doors.  So that was fun.  Then we rushed back to the church for the 4:00 meeting about Muslims.  And then we went over to Joe's for the evening.  We had such a great time!  We sang several songs A Capella.  It was amazing!  The SALT group is very talented...  So yeah, we divided up into the four parts and sang.  Then we each shared our favorite story of Jesus.  I mentioned the conversation in John 8 where Jesus finishes by saying "Before Abraham was, I AM!"  That whole chapter is so powerful!

After that, we ate some and had smoothies, then we played I Have Never, Ninja, and then Phrase Catch or something like that...  It was like Taboo, but more fast paced and we had a little electronic thing that got passed around.  But it was lots of fun!  And then I got back to the dorm and now I'm off to bed!  Goodnight! :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Sabbath!

I'm so thankful for Sabbath!  This week has been crazy...  But I've really enjoyed it.  But I need to get some sleep tonight.  Which I'm not getting a very good start at. =P

Anyway, today I had to get up and finish Hebrew homework and go over flash cards with DeWayne before class at 8.  Then I ate breakfast after that.  Several of us were sitting together and we had a nice leisurely breakfast.  We were sitting there for an hour and a half. =P  Anyway, then I took a shower and went to get my hair cut.  Hahna's mom is a hairdresser that works out of her home and she said that she would give all the SALT students free haircuts.  So I had an appointment at 11:00. :)  It is so nice, though, because I was really needing a haircut...  Then I did some homework before 3:00 when I played Ultimate Frisbee for awhile.  That was really fun. :)  It was kind of windy, which made it interesting, but even though our team was outnumbered and we had kind of a rough start, we managed to have 8 consecutive wins by the end. :)

This weekend is the Ministerial Candidate Recognition Weekend, or something like that.  So the conference president is speaking this weekend in the girls' dorm.  So that's where I went to vespers tonight.  Joe played the piano, which is always a treat. :)

Anyway, then Deborah, DeWayne, Donald (our Hebrew tutor), and I spent quite awhile after vespers visiting.  And then DeWayne and I went to his room for awhile, but now I am off to bed.  So goodnight!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


All I have to say tonight is that it is late and I still have a lot of homework due for Hebrew in the morning that I haven't done yet. But I am off to bed now and will finish it in the morning. I am so thankful tomorrow's Friday!!! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I seriously think the professors are trying to kill us!!!!!!  OK, maybe it's not that bad, but it sure seems like it!  This afternoon I had to write a 4-page reading report on 13 chapters from a book, plus write out a personal testimony that I have to give tomorrow in class.  And I have a quiz in Dr. Martin's class that I haven't studied at all for...  And it's 11:17 at night!  So yeah, I seriously need to get to sleep.  But just a quick summary of my day.  I had class this morning and homework in the afternoon.  The only two breaks I had were when I went to a seminar sponsored by the archaeology museum about Gezer and the search for Solomon and the hall party at 9:00.  The seminar was good.  A Doctor somebody came and spoke from the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminar.  I guess he and Dr. Hasel did their doctorates together, so they've known each other for a long time.  And anyway, this guy leads groups to excavate Gezer every summer.  And the hall party was alright.  We had free pizza at least. :)  And then we just sat around and tried to figure out how to raise money so our next party could be more entertaining. =P  But anyway, I didn't stay too long, because I still had my testimony to write.  But that's done for now, and I am off to bed!  I'm wishing I could sleep in a little in the morning - or at least have time to finish up homework before class!  But I have song service...  And Deborah texted and asked if she could postpone her helping me lead until next week because she's really behind too.  So yeah.  I guess that's what people can do when they're not getting paid. =P

Anyway, goodnight!

PS:  I forgot to mention yesterday, but I found out my scores for my Hebrew test on Friday.  I got 91.8%  I'm ranked at #7 in the class...  Not the highest, but I guess that leaves room for improvement. =P  But I am SO thankful I at least got an A!!! :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20

Today got off the ground running!  My normal Tuesday routine...  Breakfast, prayer group, leading song service, Hebrew lab, worship, Christian Witnessing, Southern Connections, lunch, Personal Evangelism, Outreach Class, an hour of homework, 3 1/2 hours of outreach with Hahna, and then finally getting home around 8:00 where I've been working on more homework.  Yeah, that was a boring list...  DeWayne helped me with song service again this morning, like he has for 3 of them now.  So that was nice.  But I'm going to try to get others involved too, so it's not just me or just me and DeWayne.  So Deborah's going to help me lead on Thursday and Ryan on Tuesday, and then probably DeWayne again next Thursday.  So it should make it nice for song services. :)

I'm trying to think of anything else different about today...  Oh yeah, Heidi FaceTimed me during the break between Outreach Class and when I met Hahna for outreach.  So I was able to talk with her briefly, and see Noahnna and Nyton.  Noahnna said it was horrible to admit, but she's actually starting to miss me. =P  I was happy to hear her say that. lol  But they had to do more school work and I was working on homework, so we only talked for 7 minutes...

On outreach, we gave one Bible study to Miss Margie.  It went pretty well.  She wasn't feeling very well, so I kept it short.  And then we handed out lots and lots of flyers for the evangelistic meetings that are starting in 10 days.  I almost think I like doing that better than surveys...  Hmmm.  People seem interested.  We'll see if any of them actually show up...

Anyway, I think I'll continue reading in God Cares (the rest of the 40 some odd pages that need read before tomorrow), call Heather, and then head to bed.  So goodnight!

Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011

OK, so I've learned that if you try to write about two days at once, you can't remember what happened the day before. =P  But I'll try. lol

Yesterday was our day off, so that was exciting!  I got up around 7:30 and worked on homework all morning.  Hahna met me here at 3:00 for outreach.  Well, she was here at 3, I didn't get out there until 3:04.  But it wasn't the end of the world. =P  We had the most interesting study.  We had left the Daniel 2 DVD with a man a week and a half ago who is a Deist and doesn't believe the Bible is inspired.  He said he'd watch it and we could come back and talk to him about it.  So I called him yesterday while we were going door-to-door and asked if we could come over.  He said it would be alright, so we did.  Yeah, he had some interesting ideas...  Like, he believes that Daniel lived 350 years after Nebuchadnezzar had.  And that the book was written during the time of the Machabees.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that he claims to have studied a lot about the Bible and he knows a lot about how the Bible was put together, but his knowledge of the inside of the Bible is seriously lacking...  So anyway, we had a very interesting discussion with him.

After that, we decided to take an hour off from outreach and get some more done on homework before the seminar.  So we got to the church and did that, after talking with Joe for awhile about how the study went.  And then we had the last Archaeology Seminar.  That was kind of sad, but it was really good!  About the seven churches in Revelation.

Today started with breakfast at 6:30 where DeWayne and I studied Hebrew.  And then I went to the prayer group at 7:00.  That was so nice, because I had missed the last 3 last week due to homework.  And then after that, we had Hebrew class, with a Vocab Quiz, and then homework until classes started at 10.  I can't think of anything extraordinary about that...  But this afternoon has been spent on just a lot of homework and reading the book "Turning the World Upside Down" by Dr. Martin.  We have a book report due on that on Thursday...

So anyway, now I am off to bed.  Hope you all had a wonderful day!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Just a quick note to let you know that I will write about my day tomorrow.  It's 12:30 and I have to get up at 6, so goodnight!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sabbath evening

Today started off kind of rough.  I was supposed to meet Ryan in the lobby at 8:30 to head to church.  I woke up this morning and looked at the clock - 8:28!!!  Yeah, that was not good!  So I quickly got dressed and we took off for church.  Needless to say, I was plenty hungry by the time they got around to serving potluck! lol  Anyway, Sabbath School and church were really good.  Dr. Jack Blanco did the lesson study.  It was on Paul and worship.  One thing he read that really grabbed my attention was a quote from Ellen White in the book Sketches from the Life of Paul.  It stated that had God's people prayed for Paul as they had for Peter, Paul would not have been killed.  She said that it was the believers' lack of faith and initiative that cost Paul his life.  She makes it clear that it was not God's purpose for Paul's labors to be cut so short.  So that was really interesting.  I want to study that more...

This afternoon, several of us went on a short hike.  We got lost several times, but we finally figured out where we were. =P  Then we rushed back to set up for the Archaeology Seminar.  After we had done that, we went into the sanctuary and sang around the piano for quite a while.  That was so much fun!  Joe plays the piano so well...

The seminar was on different discoveries in Israel again, and they talked about King Herod and Mesada.  And they had more displays there.  And a replica lamp to give to all those that came.  So that was nice. :)  Then Joe invited Ryan and I over to his place for smoothies, so the three of us plus Deborah had smoothies and burritos.  It was really good. :)  All in all, it was a wonderful evening.  But it is late and I'm exhausted, so goodnight!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Sabbath!

Hello all!

Just a couple of highlights from today.  DeWayne and I had a Hebrew test this morning, which I have been really worried about for awhile.  But it actually wasn't too bad!  There was one question I could not remember the answer to, but at least that one was only worth 1 point.  So hopefully I didn't get too much wrong...  We'll see.

DeWayne and I went shopping after that and I did some homework, then we had Battle of the Titans at 2:30.  That's a competition between the halls here in the dorm.  We have a different event every month, and this first one was Ultimate Frisbee.  It was fun, but kind of frustrating.  We were going against the House of David who won in the game last night, so they already had played.  Most of the people from our team, the House of Moses, hadn't played before.  So we lost miserably...  We had to have at least one girl on our team, so the deans had told us to invite any girls we knew.  I knew Hahna played really well, so I had asked her to help us, so she did.  She was the only girl on our team for awhile!  And by far the best player...

Well, that lasted for an hour, then Hahna and I went to another field where we met up with some of the others that play every Friday afternoon and we played for fun for another 2 1/2 hours.  At 5, I left and took a shower and got ready for the Archaeology Seminar.  That was really good!  They talked about different discoveries in Israel, and how different places talk about King David and stuff.  And they had some artifacts there from the museum here on Southern.  I have the pictures attached at the bottom...  The first picture is of the people who brought the stuff, then there's a picture of a brick from Babylon with Nebuchadnezzar's name stamped on it.  Then after that is a vase from Egypt.  And an oil lamp.  The next one is of a receipt that was given someone from a temple, listing the offerings the person had brought.  And the last one is a little pot from Israel.

So yeah, I've had a pretty good day. :)  Looking forward to tomorrow - it's potluck!!! :)

Anyway, goodnight!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday night

OK, I am off to sleep.  Today was good.  Hebrew Lab, classes, and homework time.  And Archaeology seminar this evening.  Got home from that and then called and talked to the family for an hour and 49 minutes, so yeah.  Now it's late, but it was nice.  Haven't talked with them for awhile.  But I need to go to sleep because DeWayne and I are meeting at 5:30 to go over Hebrew before our test in the morning...  So goodnight!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Yep, today was epic.  I actually got all caught up on homework that was due today, which was nice.  I'm behind currently again, but oh well.  I'll deal with that in the morning...  I missed one in the Vocab quiz in Hebrew, but that wasn't too bad.  And the other two classes went well.  And after lunch, I worked on homework, then had an interview for the mission trip I applied for in May.  So that went really well.  So I will most likely be leaving for Chad, Africa on May 13! :)  Or something like that...  Then we went to the opening night of the Archaeology Seminar at 6:30.  And today was Michelle's birthday!!!  So we had a surprise party for her after that. :)  It was so much fun!  We had cake and balloons and all kinds of things.  And then we played Psychiatrist.  That was lots of fun. :)

Anyway, then I spent some time with Ryan and DeWayne in Ezekiel and Revelation, and now it's extremely late and I'm off to bed.  Below is a slideshow of pictures from today...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday night

Yeah, I'm stressed.  But the week will end one of these days!  I know it will...  I just have way too much homework.  But I'm going to bed now.  I have a Hebrew Vocab quiz in the morning.  Thankfully DeWayne and I spent over an hour with flash cards this evening, so I think I might survive.  And our first test is on Friday...  Oh yeah, and I have all the rest of the classes that have lots of homework.  But enough of that.

Today was normal, except that Hahna and I only went out for an hour and a half of outreach today. :)  Because of the Archaeology seminar that's coming up, we don't need to do as much.  And talking about that, I'm really excited for them!  Ron Clouzet and Dr. Hazel are going to be broadcast live from Nashville and we're doing a down link at the church.  And it starts tomorrow night!  So yeah.  I'm excited. :)

Anyway, I need my sleep.  So goodnight!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Wow, it's late.  So just a brief re-cap.  Had class this morning and free time in the afternoon.  Got homework done, had an extra tutoring session in Hebrew with DeWayne, went to Wal-Mart with DeWayne and Ryan (where we ran into Katie and LisaMarie), and then made it back to SAU for a party in Thatcher South with our Southern Connections group and another one.  So we had pizza and stuff.  That was good. :)  Then I did homework and called Mom, and now I'm off to sleep.  Have a great night!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Well, it's late, so this will be short.  I went to a pancake breakfast they had in the student park at 8:30 which was good. (Free food is always nice. =P)  Then we had class at 9:30, and we were done by lunch. :)  They're trying to make it easier for us, because everyone is getting way behind on homework...  So several of us went to the Campus Kitchen for lunch.  LisaMarie's car was dead, so we had to hunt down jumper cables and get that going after that.  And so we got to ride in Matt's jeep, which was fun.  He had the top off.  There isn't much leg room (Victor got the front seat, so LisaMarie and I were stuck in the back), but it was still lots of fun.  I want one now. =P  Then I did some homework before Hahna and I left for outreach at 2:30.  We went for nearly 2 hours...  None of our Bible studies panned out, but we invited all of our contacts to the Archaeology Seminar that's starting Wednesday night.  And they all seemed very interested.  So that should be good.  Then I got back and worked on homework and then worked on what I'm going to say for the SALT worship in the morning...  And now I'm off to bed.  Goodnight!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Today was so much fun!  I got to sleep in until nearly 8! =P  That was nice.  I met the buses in front of Wright Hall at 8:30 and we left shortly after that for Cloudland Canyon State Park for the School of Religion's annual retreat.  We had Sabbath School, led by Dr. Nixon, and then a little blindfold activity where we had to follow our leader's voice.  And then church, where Dr. Tryon gave a very powerful sermon about Joshua's farewell sermons.  In summary, it is as follows:

Remember the past,
Revel in the future,
Reflect on His precepts,
Respond to the call.

After church, we had haystacks for lunch.  Very good!  And then we took the buses over to the canyon and went hiking.  That was a lot of fun!  DeWayne, Katie, and I stuck together the whole time, and we got quite a bit of hiking accomplished.  Then we met back at the buses at 5 and came back to campus.  I guess we got back here at about 6:30...  Then quite a few people went over to Parkers' house at 7 for smoothies and supper and worship.  That was really nice.  So I just got back from that.  I think I might try to edit a video from today, and then post this...  So have a great night!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Night

Yeah, just a quick note before dropping into bed...  Today I had Hebrew at 8 (after breakfast and prayer) and then I spent the rest of the day doing homework.  Until about 3:30.  Then I joined the group playing Ultimate Frisbee, which was a lot of fun!  Then Hahna and I quickly went over our contacts and figured out which ones were our best ones to put on the sheet for Joe, then she took that home to do.  Which I'm happy about. :)  Anyway, then I took a shower and DeWayne, Ryan, and I went over to Dean's house for worship and supper.  I ate WAY too much, but oh well.  I guess I might survive... lol  And now I'm off to sleep!  Good night!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today was long, but good.  It of course started at 6, with breakfast at 6:30.  Then prayer at 7, and somewhere in the middle of that, I remembered about song service, so I had to rush back to the dorm by 7:25 to lead that.  Dr. Parker had the worship, which was VERY good!  He told 3 stories that were so powerful...  Then I had to rush to Hebrew lab at 8, then worship with SALT at 8:45.  Then all my other classes.  We had convocation at 11, but each department had their own.  So it was nice.  And then lunch at 12.  Anna and Barry joined me, William, and Ryan for lunch.  Then Dr. Martin's class at 1 and Outreach class at 2.  Then outreach all afternoon...  We had 7 studies scheduled, but none of them panned out...  Oh well.  Then I was actually right a time or two when Hahna and I disagreed today, so I said we needed to celebrate and get ice cream or something.  As the afternoon progressed, we both liked that idea more and more, so after we finished outreach at 8 o'clock, we went to an ice cream shop and got frozen yogurt.  Boy was that good!  And expensive...  But that's beside the point. =P  And then we finally got back to campus around 9...  And now I'm off to bed.  Oh, but Dr. Parker asked me to take pictures of today for It Is Written, so I did that.  And I uploaded them to Facebook and Picasa, so I'll put a slideshow below...  Hope you all had a great day!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday Night

Today started at 6:00.  The battery in my little white alarm clock is nearly dead, so I turned on the alarm on my iPod and put it in my dock.  So my roommate thought for sure the fire alarm was going off again when my alarm went off this morning. =P  Yeah, that was pretty funny.  I ate breakfast at 6:30, then prayer by the flag pole at 7.  Then Hebrew at 8 and worship at 10:00.  DeWayne did worship and it was really good.  Then we had a couple more classes before lunch at 12:00.  After that, I was free to do homework.  So that's what I've been doing all afternoon!  I got the 2 page report written that's due tomorrow on two chapters in Evangelism.  (It's posted on my other blog if you're interested...)  And I've gotten a bunch of other miscellaneous homework done.  So just another 85 pages in Case for Faith to read before the weekend...  And more in other books.  So yeah, a lot of reading...  Oh, and I found out how I did on the Biblical Knowledge and Bible Doctrines tests I took last week.  I got 100% on the Knowledge test and 98% on the Doctrines test.  So that was good. :)

Anyway, I'm off to bed.  I'm really tired.  So goodnight!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 6

Well, today has been way too long for the amount of sleep I got last night...  But it's gone alright.  Hebrew lab at 8, worship with SALT, then classes.  Lunch was at 12, then Dr. Martin's class after that, and then outreach class and outreach.  It was so funny.  All of us were so exhausted today that everything was hilarious.  We stood in a circle holding hands for like 10 minutes trying to get into the proper mood for prayer. =P  Then Hahna and I seemed to think everything was so funny on outreach.  Not sure why, but yeah...  But at least we got some homework done in the car - she read out loud one of our reading assignments.  So that saved me some time tonight.  So we got back at nearly 8:30, then I ate some supper and did my homework worksheet for Hebrew.  And now I'm getting ready for bed.

Happy Labor Day!

Wow, last night was quite the night...  I was just getting ready to hit the Publish button on here, when suddenly all the lights went out!  And of course, when the power goes out, so does the internet... =P  It was nearly 10:00 anyway,  so my room mate and I decided to just head to bed and get up early in the morning to finish homework.  RIGHT!!!!!!!  About 10:30, all of a sudden all of the fire alarms go off!  Yeah...  And it's pouring outside!  But we all had to get out of our nice warm beds and rush upstairs and outside into the pouring rain.  Finally, somebody opened the cafeteria building, so that helped.  At least we could be dry.  I guess someone had broken the sprinkler head in their room, so that was the problem.  And they had to get the pipe fixed before they could shut off the smoke alarm.  So we didn't get let back into our rooms until 1:30.  And my room had flooded, due to the rain.  So thankfully one of the RAs or someone had come in and taken everything out of my closet and off my floor and stacked it on my desk and bed.  So I really can't find anything at the moment...  But anyway, so then they were vacuuming the water off the floor and stuff, so I didn't actually get into bed until 2:00.  I still got up just after 6, so I could get to the caf when it opened at 6:30.  There were only 2 of us students eating breakfast. =P  And then prayer group at 7, which I ended up leading because Daniel didn't show up.  And now 8 am classes are canceled as was the Morning Meditation, so I have a little bit of time to work on homework.  So anyway, below is what I originally wrote last night.

Hey all!  Happy Labor Day!  Yeah, I had to do lots of labor today. =P  Southern knows the true meaning for the holiday I guess... lol

Today started with my alarm going off at 6, waking me out of a sound sleep.  I had worship, then ran over to breakfast when the caf opened at 6:30.  It was pouring outside!!!  So I felt like I had had a shower...  But anyway, then I joined the prayer group at 7 who had joined under the porch roof on Wright Hall.  That was really good.  Hebrew class was at 8, and I think I passed at least the alphabet part of the quiz. :)  Then we had SALT worship at 10, where the electricity went out for nearly 2 hours.  So we were in the semi-darkness until near the end of Dr. Samaan's class.  Then we had Dr. Parker's class and lunch.  And after that, I've been working on homework and calling Dad and Mom and Mr. Musgrove.  I still have another chapter in Christ's Way of Reaching People to read, but I'll do that in the morning...  I need to get to sleep now.  I also have a devotional thought I need to share at the prayer group and song service to lead after that for worship here in the boys' dorm.  So yeah, bed here I come!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

September 4

Today wasn't too long which was nice.  I got to sleep in until 8. :)  Then I took a shower and ate breakfast while trying to finish up homework.  Class started at 10.  Our guest lecturer was Dr. Samaan, which was definitely a highlight of the day.  He is SO hilarious!  Then after lunch we had outreach class and then we went door-to-door again.  Hahna and I had 3 Bible studies scheduled for this afternoon, but only 1 of them actually was home. :(  Oh well, that one went well at least.  The rest of the time was spent knocking on doors and nobody seemed to be home.  But I know it wasn't a wasted day...  When I got back, I finished homework for tomorrow, then went to DeWayne's room where we studied Hebrew for awhile and then just talked.  So that was fun.  And now I'm back in my room and getting ready for bed.  Good night!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sabbath, September 3

So I woke up this morning, and rushed off to Dad's hotel for breakfast.  After that, I drove Dad through the territory that Hahna and I are doing evangelism in.  (Yes, I got to drive his BMW to church and back!  With the top down! :))  Then we went to church.  We got there in time for the 9:00 prayer meeting before Sabbath School.  After church, there was potluck.  Then Dad and I went back to the hotel where I picked up my car and he left for Georgia.  I went back to the church for the Evangelism Rally at 2:00, then after that some of us went hiking on the biology trails until it was time for the Religion departments vespers and softball night.  That was a lot of fun...  I'm including pictures and a video. :)

Anyway, I'm off to bed!  Lots of homework to do in the morning...

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Night

Today was quite the day!  It started with breakfast of course, and then Hebrew at 8.  Yeah.  Quite the quiz at the beginning...  I need to work on my alphabet. =P  Then I had to write an essay for the English CLEP test that I had transferred in.  After that, I worked on homework for awhile.  Then DeWayne, Ryan, and I ran into Collegedale to the Tractor Supply store and browsed at shirts and everything else under the sun.  Yeah, that was fun. =P  Then we came back and worked on more homework until I left to meet Dad at Golden Corral. :)  We had a great dinner, then he gave me a long board.  So we rode around in the Collegedale Church parking lot on those for a little while.  Then I took a shower and got changed while Dad ran back to his hotel to get changed.  And after that was vespers, which was really powerful.  James Black from NAD spoke.  Then we had the Ministries Expo, and Uncle Trenton showed Dad around the Wellness Center.  Then I showed Dad my room and he left for bed, so I'm off to bed too. :)  Good night!  I'll be up bright and early in the morning...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy September!

Wow, today was quite the day!  I slept in until 7, so I jumped out of bed and rushed off to breakfast so that I could be back in the dorm by 7:20 to lead song service.  Yeah, that was close...  And then Hebrew at 8, the rest of the SALT worship which ended shortly after 9, and then I ran over to Brock Hall to get some ideas on what they're looking for on the essay that I'm writing in the morning...  And then I was back by 9:30 for Evangelism class.  And Convocation was at 11.  It was really good!  Pastor Kevin Kibble gave the sermon.  Then the extremely long line for lunch.  But I was able to finish by a quarter 'til 1, so I had a few minutes to walk to Hackman Hall before my 1:00 class with Dr. Martin.  Then Joe's class was at 2:00.  And he had a special surprise for us!  We've been loaning these Daniel 2 DVDs out to people as well, and we watched that for part of class this afternoon.  And it even counted as one of our outreach hours. :)  So we only had to do 3 hours this afternoon.  After that, Hahna and I hit the doors again for awhile as well as doing a couple of Bible studies.  So it went well.  We're just running out of times to do Bible studies!  But that's a good thing I guess. :)

Anyway, I spent some time with Ryan and DeWayne this evening, then talked with Heather for a few minutes.  So that was really nice.  Oh, and I had to get my homework for Hebrew done...  But now I'm off to bed.  Tomorrow Dad comes to visit!  I'm so excited. :)

Anyway, goodnight!