Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday night

Well, today has been really rough, but it's ended amazing!  I was tired I guess, and nothing seemed to go right.  I guess it started when the guy who was supposed to replace my windshield between 12 and 3 got here after 3:00.  And I had to run some errands this afternoon.  But yeah, things all worked out and I am still alive. =P  Yeah, and then somehow years on my car got mixed up so he had the wrong windshield, but thankfully he was able to go ahead and get another windshield and still finish it up this evening sometime.

OK.  Drumroll please...  I bought a new car today!!!  I am SO excited!!!  It's a BMW 323i and it's a convertible!!!  It's a 1998 and it is so amazing!  Definitely not perfect, but good enough for me.  I have pictures below that I took tonight after coming home from the meeting.  Thankfully Hahna was able to take me over to pick up my car right before the meeting, so then I just went directly from there to the seminar.  Anyway, having a convertible at night is so nice. :)  Although I couldn't watch the stars very well while I was driving. =P  But anyway, I will try to get more photos tomorrow in the daylight and will upload them tomorrow night.  But these will do for now...

I'm off to sleep!  Goodnight!

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