Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So my break started today!!! :)  I am so happy.  I left the college around 6:30 this morning and drove north.  I got gas when I stopped at Taco Bell for lunch and I had averaged 29.26 miles per gallon.  I am really happy about that!  Anyway, I pulled into Gibbs' house at 4:05, but 2 minutes before that I get this call from Gibbs' number and it was one of their friends saying that Mrs. Gibbs had just fallen and broken her wrist.  So I get here, jump out of my car, grab their van keys, and rush her to the hospital.  It was broken really bad and will need surgery.  Anyway, so she is really out of commission.  But the timing was amazing.  Because she fell just as a friend of hers was leaving the house and like 2 minutes before I got here, so God definitely had things worked out.

But anyway, I am ready for a good night's rest, so goodnight! :)

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