Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Wow, what a day.  I went to the prayer group at 7:00, which it was good to be back in.  And then I had Hebrew at 8:00 and it totally made my day!  I found out that I got 86% on the last test and that my final grade is 92.6%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)  I am SO happy!  So I get to waive the final!  Anyway, so yeah.  NO MORE HEBREW until January!!!!!!! :)

Anyway, then classes and this afternoon homework.  Then we had supper and the Daniel study tonight.  And the SALT team all got together afterwards and spent nearly 45 minutes on our knees praying for contacts and the church and what-not for the last time in the sanctuary...  It was really sad.  And then we finished by singing We Have This Hope of course.  Then I got back to my room and worked on homework.  I think I'm getting ready for bed now.  I'll do the rest in the morning...  Goodnight!

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