Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday night

Ahhhh!  I'm going to go CRAZY, I promise!!!  There is SO much due in the morning!  I have 6 pages of homework due for Hebrew (which I just finished, thankfully!), a Vocab quiz, a worship to give for SALT, a study guide for Dr. Parker, and then a Bible study I'm doing with Thomas in the afternoon on Daniel chapter 9.  He wants to see me do a Bible study.  This sounds kind of scary...  He's the current Bible worker at East Ridge...  So yeah, I'm seriously going to go CRAZY!

Oh well, I guess sanity was never something we were meant to keep anyway.  So I'm letting mine go with grace and dignity.  And the last two sentences have made me feel way better, so I think I'll sign out while I still feel somewhat good.  Goodnight!

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