Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Sabbath!

Where do I begin?  It has been such an amazing day!  It started when Stefan (aka Dr. Brown) came to Hebrew class this morning.  Everything is so much more epic when he's there.  So that was a lot of fun!  And then I found out that I got 100% on the last Hebrew test!!!  I was SO excited and happy!!!

After that, I had a free pancake breakfast provided by the student association, and then Ryan had organized a worship that some of us went to.  I had the worship thought, and I based it on Isaiah 40.  Amir was surprised, because he had just read Isaiah 40 in his personal devotions this morning!

After that, I went over to Uncle Trenton and Aunt Leslie's house for a little bit for Uncle Trenton to show me what to do for the cats and stuff because I'm going to be house-sitting for them until Tuesday.  Then I came back and played Tennis with Eric and then Joel Miller for awhile.  Oh yeah, and Joel and I dressed as twins today because it was twin day.  And he bought this hair coloring spray stuff at Wal-Mart last night, so we had white hair with a red and blue stripe and a pink dot in the middle.  Yeah, it was pretty epic! =P

After tennis, I played Ultimate Frisbee for awhile.  I didn't get any homework done today, but this was the first Friday in 3 weeks that I had gotten to play any sports, so I just decided to enjoy it.  After Frisbee, I took a shower and went to eat "lunch", then, since it was after sundown, DeWayne, Eric, and I just hung out in my room and watched YouTube videos of the Gaither Vocal Band and stuff until time for vespers.

Vespers was SO AWESOME!!!  Our speaker was one of the associate pastors of Pioneer Memorial Church and he was incredible!  He talked about Caleb and how he said "Give me that mountain!"  He said we need to take God at His word, and ask Him universe-sized requests.  Like, "Give me the world!"  So he ended with another appeal for service and committing our lives 100% to God.  But the funny part was when he said that this morning in his personal devotions he had read Isaiah chapter 40, so he was bringing out the highlights of it and using it in his sermon.  That made my jaw drop.  This was the third person today who had read that in their worship!  It was really incredible!

Anyway, after vespers, my hall had a sort of party with hot chocolate and cookies that our RA baked, so that was lots of fun.  But now I am off to sleep, so goodnight! :)

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