Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 13

Only one more final to go!!!  Yippee!!!!! :)  Today was great.  We had our last SALT worship at 8:45 this morning with Dr. Beitz.  He talked about the need for evangelism.  It was really good.  And then we kept studying for the Christian Witnessing Final.  And then we took that test.  It wasn't as bad as we were fearing thankfully!  And then we had the Topics in Evangelism quiz, which wasn't too bad because we just had to use a book by Russell Burrell and he gave us a test with page numbers and everything, and all we had to do was find the answers. =P  So that was easy.  And we turned in our exit papers for that class...

Anyway, then we had our Southern Connections party, and we all ended up going over to Parkers' house for lunch!  So that was great.  We had two different kinds of soup and lots of chips and crackers and things.  So we had epic fun as usual.  This afternoon I spent getting some stuff done, then we had a study session with Dr. Parker over the stuff for his final tomorrow.  So that was very helpful.  Eric and I came down to my room after that and went over some Bible texts and stuff that we need to know, then we went and played tennis for awhile. :)  It was good to get outside and get some exercise!  Then I came back in, spent a little bit of time in the lobby with Dara and her boyfriend Eric, because she's leaving at 3 in the morning...  And now I'm getting ready for bed!  So goodnight! :)

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