Wednesday, November 30, 2011


So it finally clicked why Dr. Klingbeil uses examples from Spanish to explain Hebrew sometimes.  He was talking about how we so often have a problem with Hebrew because we try to grasp it with our English minds, and it is a totally separate language!  He said that it's been a blessing, because he learned Hebrew in German, studied it a little more at seminary in Afrikaans, taught it in Spanish, and now he's teaching it again in English.  So he's had to translate it into at least 4 different languages!  I still don't understand why some people get all the intelligence. =P

Anyway, the rest of the day went well.  I didn't get any homework done this afternoon, but I still felt productive.  I took my car in and got an oil change, which I got $13 off because of military discount. :)  And then I vacuumed it.  And got some stuff at Wal-Mart.  By that time, I came back to my room, got some stuff organized and cleaned, took a shower, and then left for the Daniel study and supper at the church.  That went really well.  It was on Daniel chapter 5.  Anyway, I am off to bed early tonight! :)  Goodnight!

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