Friday, November 11, 2011


Today was a lot of fun.  I took quite a bit of video, so you will see some of this later. :)  But it all began with being able to sleep in until 7:00. :)  I guess you could include the time I got to talk with Heather on the phone last night as well.  It had been nearly 3 weeks since we had talked, so we had a LOT to catch up on!  So I really enjoyed that. :)  And then we had Hebrew this morning.  And then breakfast.  I love Friday morning because they have breakfast burritos! :)  After that, I cleaned my room and then met with Michelle for a half hour.  She was getting feedback on how I've enjoyed SALT and plans for the future and stuff.  All of us students had to meet with either Joe or Michelle...

Then 8 of us went over to one of our contacts' houses and raked her leaves.  She wasn't even home, so it will be a total surprise. :)  So that was a lot of fun!  And then Ryan and I went over to LisaMarie's house for awhile.  We helped them do chores a little and I visited with Stefan, Michael, and Josh. (her brothers...)  And then I met with Sarah, Deborah, and Ryan to go over songs for the morning.  We're doing song service.

Dwight Nelson is here for the weekend!  So he did vespers this evening.  It was so good!  I've missed vespers here while we've had to be at Chat First.  So I'm glad to be back at these. :)  Anyway, I didn't realize that he's been at the Pioneer Memorial Church for 28 years!  I guess they like him as their pastor. =P

After that, they had cookies, brownies, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and stuff in the cafeteria for people.  Not many people went there, but those of us who did had a great time!  It was really nice.  But it is now really late, so I'm off to sleep.  Goodnight!

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