Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Sabbath!

Today was quite frustrating at first.  After Hebrew class, I went downtown to try to get temporary tags for my car.  And it was pouring down rain, which makes it miserable to begin with.  And then I couldn't find anywhere to park down there!  Finally I found the right building, and found out that I had to have an emissions test before they would give me tags.  So I decided I'll just forget it.  I'll leave the little cardboard thing on that says "Tags applied for" until I get my Alaska tags.  But that wasted most of my morning, so I didn't get back to my room to work on homework until nearly 11:30.  But then I got my clothes folded and more of that book read.  And worked a little on the Hebrew homework that's due on Monday.  So I got quite a bit accomplished this afternoon.  And then I ate dinner!  Since Friday breakfasts are so big (it's breakfast burritos in the caf), I usually skip lunch and eat at 5:00 since it's cheaper than lunch and it's usually something really good Friday night.  Often haystacks or chile hot dogs.  Today was haystacks. :)

Then the meeting tonight was on Heaven.  That was really good.  Tim Taylor spoke, so that was nice.  The pastor has let each of the ministerial externs preach one meeting, so tonight was his turn.  He did a good job.  Then Hahna, Victor, Joe, and I went over "Sweet Beulah Land" for tomorrow morning.  We're singing that for Sabbath School.  I'll see if I can't get someone to record us and then I can upload it for you all...  Then I as so happy because it quit raining so I could put the top down on the car when we came home!  It was pretty cold, but oh well.  Everyone survived. =P

Now I am off to sleep!  Goodnight and Happy Sabbath! :)

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