Saturday, October 1, 2011


Today was amazing!  I got to sleep in until 8:00!!! :)  And that wasn't even the most amazing thing! :)  I was able to get out of part of Sabbath School this morning, so I went over to the Village Chapel where Sean and Brenda Mayes were giving a presentation for Sabbath School.  So I got to visit with them a little before that and then they showed pictures and told quite a few stories.  It was really good!  Mr. Mayes was also doing the sermon, but I had to head back over to Chat. First.  Today was communion.  And then afterwards we had potluck.  Oh yeah, and Anna and Barry came today too. :)  So we got to visit quite a bit during potluck.  I hadn't seen Anna in probably at least a week and a half or more.  She was texting me last night and saying she would be really glad when SALT is over, because every time she invites me to go to some event or something, I'm always busy. =P  But that made me really sad.  Because I will not be happy when SALT is over...  We've all become so much like family, I will miss them all so much!  I mean, we'll all still be around and going to school here, but it won't be the same.  We won't be able to spend all day long every day with each other.  So yeah.  We decided we need to start a SALT club and still do a bunch of things together next semester. :)

After potluck, Joe, Michelle, Deborah, Brandon, Daniel, and I went over to help Thomas who is the East Ridge Church's Bible Worker.  Their Prophecy Series started tonight, but they had a health fair all afternoon.  So we went to the flee market in East Ridge and passed out flyers to everybody for the health fair.  And Joe went to the fast food restaurant nearby and handed flyers to all the cars in the drive-through. =P  After that we went over to the health fair ourselves.  And Brandon made a paper airplane out of one of our flyers for the prophecy series and through it out the window to some people. lol

Later, we went to the park by the VW plant again and walked a little.  And we were sitting on the grass near a little lake deep in discussion when all of a sudden Joe started getting texts and calls.  DeWayne and Ryan had gone offroading and had popped a tire.  So Matt was having to head out and rescue them with his Jeep.  And LisaMarie texted saying that Katie had fallen off of a horse and she was taking her to the emergency room.  And Max and Amir were nearly out of fuel, so they were hoping they would make it.  And this is all a half hour before we were supposed to be at the church for the meeting!  But, praise God, everyone made it to the church before the night was over.  Katie and LisaMarie didn't make it until way after most people had left, but they still made it.  But I am very thankful, because Kevin made it again tonight and he brought his niece with him.  Their family is confusing...  She can't really be any younger than he is, but anyway.  I would guess she's around 14 or 15 and he's 16 I think...  So yeah.  But they both seemed to enjoy the meeting.  And all the other visitors in the rows that I'm responsible for came back tonight for the second time.  So I'm thankful for that!

Anyway, I seriously need to get to bed!  So goodnight! :)

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