Tuesday, October 18, 2011


MIDTERMS!!!!  Yeah, not exactly the funnest things in the world.  Oh well.  At least it means that midterm break is starting Thursday. :)  Although we only get one day off, because we have to be here for the prophecy meetings.  I guess we get Sunday off, though, too, because that's a night off from the meetings. :)  Oh yeah, but we had lots of fun planning stuff this morning for our day off!  We're going to go up to Tsade Daisy and go cliff jumping.  Although it looks like the weather is going to get a lot cooler over the next few days, so we'll see...  But yeah, that's what the plan is for Thursday.  And then some of us are going to a concert in Chattanooga that evening.  Some classical piece that Joe is really excited about. =P  And then we're planning breakfast burritos for Friday morning!  We decided that last week went so well, we'd do it again this Friday. :)

Anyway, so today we had our first midterm.  It was in Michelle's class, and I don't think it went too horribly bad.  We'll see.  And then other classes and after lunch and outreach class Hahna and I spent awhile working on a Bible study about the 70 weeks for Chester Clark's class tomorrow.  And then the meeting tonight, on the state of the dead.  So yeah, that's about all that happened!  I guess I will get to bed, because I have a Hebrew test at 8:00 that I need to get up early and study for...

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