Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Sabbath!

Where to begin?  I guess with the first praise of the day.  We didn't have a quiz in Hebrew!  That was very exciting!  And then DeWayne and I went over to Ryan's aunt's house for breakfast.  She had made buiscuits and gravy and tofu and stuff for Ryan's birthday.  So he had invited us and Eric and Amir.

Oh oh oh!  I forgot to mention that I was awakened from a very sound sleep at just past midnight to the sound of the fire alarms...  Our first fire drill.  Yeah, that was not a happy sound, but we all lived. =P

At 12:15, DeWayne, Ryan, Eric, Katie, and I left for the theater to go see Courageous.  That movie is amazing!!!  Definitely well worth the wait!  Yeah, I was in tears for a lot of it...  But it had some pretty funny moments as well.

The opening night of the evangelistic series was tonight as well.  It went really well!  We met at 6:00 for prayer, then I went to pick up Kevin, one of our Bible study contacts, and brought him to the meeting.  He's a 16-year-old boy who's parents really appreciate us taking an interest in him.  And it was his mother who really wanted him to come.  But he really enjoyed it.

I got back to the dorm and was just starting to write this when Katie texted me and told me a group was up in the Talge Chapel having a hymsing.  So I went up there for about 45 minutes.  And then I finally came back down here because I am so exhausted...  So I'll head to bed!

Oh, but I finally figured out the mystery about my car.  My window was just open enough to let them get their arm down to unlock the door.  And DeWayne remembered the keys that I keep in the ash tray, so moving the car was easy. =P  Yeah, I had forgotten about that...

Anyway, below are pictures from last night and today.  Have a wonderful Sabbath! :)

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