Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday night

Yeah, today was a long day...  Lots of classes, but it was also fun.  Dr. Parker took the Southern Connections class outside, which was so nice!  And we even did skits, which was lots of fun. :)  The topic was on dishonesty, so we split up into 3 teams and we each had to come up with a skit that demonstrated a dilemma, and then the rest of the class was supposed to brainstorm ideas of how to go about it with honesty.  And then after that, Karen brought the whole class pizza and ice cream and Sprite.  And then she told AMAZING mission stories from one of the trips to India she was on!  Yeah, I'm really looking forward to going to Africa!  I think I forgot to post it on here, but Friday I got the acceptance letter.  So I am going to Chad in May!  And LisaMarie is actually going there as well, so that will be nice. :)  Natanial is going to India...  And Katie doesn't know where she's going yet - wherever Karen goes.  So we'll see.

This evening, the meeting went really well.  It was on the Great Controversy and war in heaven.  Then I came back to the dorm, talked with Mom and Seth and then Heather, went over flashcards for the morning, and now I'm off to bed.  Goodnight!

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