Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wonderful Sabbath!

So today was a wonderful Sabbath. :)  It started with getting to bed before 10 last night and sleeping until 7:50 this morning!!! :)  Sabbath School and church were good too.  And then there were a couple different options for lunch.  Amir was having a birthday party at his adopted "parents" home, but he could only bring 10 people.  And then I had been invited over to my adopted "parents" home for lunch as well, and I could bring a couple of friends.  So between the two of us, we pretty much got everybody to lunch.  Katie and Ray came with me to the Wilsons' house.  We had a delicious lunch!  And after visiting for awhile, Katie called LisaMarie and then went over to where she boards her horse.  She was over there with DeWayne, Ashley, and Deborah.  So anyway, we all took turns riding the horse and walking.  But it was a lot of fun.  And we did NOT let Katie ride this time! lol

Anyway, after that, we rushed over to the church for the meeting tonight.  Ethan White preached tonight.  It was on Salvation and was amazing!  Then we had refreshments, which were also really good.  After I was done, I went over to ask LisaMarie a quick question, and suddenly we were deep into a discussion on how to have the assurance of salvation.  That kind of propelled the discussion I had with DeWayne and Ryan this evening after we had gotten back.  So yeah.  Deep subject...  But anyway, Katie had left her phone at the horse stable, so after the meeting she asked if we could go back there and get it.  So we did that and then stopped at Wal-Mart to get gas.  And when we pulled onto campus it was so funny!  Because I pull up in front of the girls' dorm to drop her off and I pull in right behind LisaMarie's van!  So I honk, and I think that kind of scared her, because she quickly put on her emergency blinkers.  Well, then I got out of the car and went up to the driver's door.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Luke Gonzalez (?) was talking with Sarah on the passenger's side, but he left as I was walking up to the vehicle...  Anyway, I pull LisaMarie's door open and both girls scream so loud!  It was hilarious. =P  At least before Sarah got out of the van, she told me thank you for scaring them. =P  I'm not sure how heartfelt that was, though... lol

Anyway, after that, DeWayne, Ryan, and I went on a long walk and talked about salvation, but I already talked about that.  So now I am off to bed!  Have an amazing night! :)

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