Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oct. 20

Today was so much fun!!!  I had a very slow morning.  Cleaned my room and got my iPod cleaned up and sent off to Charity.  And then we left for Soddy Daisy after lunch around 1:00.  We ended up mostly hiking.  I got lots of pictures, but it's too late to go through them now.  I'll try to post them tomorrow sometime...  But after we got back, those of us in LisaMarie's van decided we were hungry, so we went to CiCi's Pizza.  They have an all-you-can-eat pizza and pasta buffet for $5!  That certainly beats the caf.  Anyway, so Ryan, Katie, LisaMarie, Joel Miller, and I all went there.  It was lots of fun spending the day with Joel today.  At least we both agree that Joels are perfect. =P

After that, I quickly changed and them met Joe, Michelle, Lynnette, Bethany, Deborah, and Silke to head to the concert tonight in the Tivoli Theater in Chattanooga.  It was pretty good.  The pianist was amazing during the piano concerto.  And the symphony was pretty good too.  So that started at 8 and got over around 10.  So now I am in my room and getting ready for bed.  We're having breakfast at Joe's at 8:30, so I'd better sleep fast! :)


  1. You're having too much fun- and with my friends too! :-) You've gotta admit it- some pretty cool people are from Kettle Falls, WA.
    So anyway, I heard the concert was good. It must be nice having things like that around to be able to go to. Probably a real change from Delta Junction! :-)

  2. And PS: I'm really enjoying the journal form of your blogging- what a creative way of keeping us posted on the latest!

  3. Haha. Yes, I am definitely having way too much fun! And I totally agree that there are some awesome people from Kettle Falls. Joe is such fun! And the whole SALT team is absolutely incredible. And the concerts have been nice. :)

    I'm glad you like the blog too! I originally did it just so that the family could keep track of me, but I figured others might enjoy it as well. And I've heard from several that have. Although it kind of scares me, because I'm usually extremely tired when I write them. =P