Monday, October 3, 2011


Today we had quite the pleasant surprise!  Dr. Parker emailed last night saying that the study guide that was due today in Christian Beliefs wasn't due anymore, since Elder Gibbs was teaching that class too.  And we didn't end up having a Vocab Quiz in Hebrew this morning because the Reader printed off the wrong thing.  So yeah!  Nothing terribly scary today!  We just listened to Elder Gibbs all day.  It was extremely interesting!  He had so many good points!  I'm thankful I recorded all of it. :)

He went until 5:15, then we had to be at the church shortly after that for the Evangelistic Meeting.  Tonight was on the 7 last plagues and Armageddon.  So anyway, now I'm back in my room and I'm going to just finish up a couple of things and get to bed at a somewhat decent hour! :)

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