Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday evening

Today was wonderful!  I played Flag Football for the first time this morning for a couple of hours.  That was a lot of fun!  But boy am I sore...  Yeah, full-contact flag football... lol

Hahna and I went on outreach, but no one was home that we were supposed to visit, so we ended up going to the church and reading for awhile.  We had 3 chapters in a book that we're supposed to read and write a small report on by Wednesday, so we took turns reading that.  But we were both so tired that staying awake was a slight problem. =P

Tonight was Ethan's concert, which Hahna sang a couple songs in as well.  He is a good pianist and composer - and he's hilarious too! lol  I wish I could have met him, but I ran off right after that and went to the hotel that Elder Gibbs is staying in and spent about an hour and a half visiting with him.  I'm really looking forward to class tomorrow. :)

Then I came back to the dorm and DeWayne and I ran over the Hebrew flash cards a few more times for the Vocab Quiz in the morning and now I'm off to bed.  Goodnight!

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