Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17

Well, it's late, so this will be short.  I didn't do a whole lot, except for go to classes and study.  Oh yeah, it was nice because Dr. Klingbeil is gone, so his reader came in this morning, gave us our Vocab quiz, ran over the last little bit of Chapter 10, told us basically what would be on our test on Wednesday, and we were out of class after about 15 minutes! :)  So that was really nice.  Anyway, this afternoon I spent exactly an hour on the phone with Apple.  I mean, when I hung up and it said the time, it was 1:00:00, which was really amazing!  But I finally got the Voice Memo thing figured out, so now I can give everyone the classes that I've recorded.

This evening after the meeting, a group of us guys went to Amir and Max's room and studied for the midterm in Michelle's class that is tomorrow.  And then I came down here and went to bed!  So anyway, goodnight!

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