Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Night

"I stayed up until eleven o'clock with some dude.  No, no, no, I stayed up until eleven o'clock with some good looking guy."  That's what DeWayne told me to write for my post tonight. =P  Anyway, more did happen then just that!  But it's late, so I'll be brief.

We had class this morning with John Bradshaw.  It was so good!  He talked about the steps and essential elements required in doing an evangelistic series.  Then we had outreach class at 2:00.  Some of us went out after that and did Sabbath visits.  I got to go with Michelle to one of the people in my row that needed a visit.  She has the head knowledge, but just doesn't have the conviction, so we're praying that she will get conviction when the time is right.

Then Ryan and I went to the first meeting of the Bible Worker's Club.  Dr. Bauer gave a devotional and we had pizza and a bonfire and stuff.  It was fun.  Then we ran over to the Southern Connections worship thing at 6:15, where we had cookies and ice cream. :)  And then we rushed over to the church by 7:30 for the wind symphony concert.  That was really good!  I love band music. :)  I was nearly in tears during Amazing Grace near the end!

Then DeWayne and I went over flash cards for our Vocab Quiz in Hebrew in the morning and got distracted watching my trip videos from the way down and everything, but finally he left me so I could get to bed. =P  So goodnight!

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