Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 5

So, it's not extremely late, but I'm tired, so this will be short.  Today was really good.  Classes went well.  Dr. Parker taught both of our SALT ones, because Chester Clark is gone.  So that was a pleasant surprise. :)

This afternoon I didn't do a whole lot.  Deborah and I prepared our Bible studies for tomorrow together, then I ran to the mall to look for a couple things.  But it didn't have anything I was looking for. :(  Oh well.  Then we had a delicious supper at the church before the meetings.  It was haystacks or burritos or just plain chile.  Yeah, quite good. :)

Then after coming back, DeWayne, Ryan, LisaMarie and I spent over an hour in her van talking.  But then we all decided it was time to get to bed. =P  So that's what I'm doing!  Goodnight!

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