Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy September!

Wow, today was quite the day!  I slept in until 7, so I jumped out of bed and rushed off to breakfast so that I could be back in the dorm by 7:20 to lead song service.  Yeah, that was close...  And then Hebrew at 8, the rest of the SALT worship which ended shortly after 9, and then I ran over to Brock Hall to get some ideas on what they're looking for on the essay that I'm writing in the morning...  And then I was back by 9:30 for Evangelism class.  And Convocation was at 11.  It was really good!  Pastor Kevin Kibble gave the sermon.  Then the extremely long line for lunch.  But I was able to finish by a quarter 'til 1, so I had a few minutes to walk to Hackman Hall before my 1:00 class with Dr. Martin.  Then Joe's class was at 2:00.  And he had a special surprise for us!  We've been loaning these Daniel 2 DVDs out to people as well, and we watched that for part of class this afternoon.  And it even counted as one of our outreach hours. :)  So we only had to do 3 hours this afternoon.  After that, Hahna and I hit the doors again for awhile as well as doing a couple of Bible studies.  So it went well.  We're just running out of times to do Bible studies!  But that's a good thing I guess. :)

Anyway, I spent some time with Ryan and DeWayne this evening, then talked with Heather for a few minutes.  So that was really nice.  Oh, and I had to get my homework for Hebrew done...  But now I'm off to bed.  Tomorrow Dad comes to visit!  I'm so excited. :)

Anyway, goodnight!

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