Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday night

So late, so little time, but so much to say!  I had to finish my Matthew 24 study this morning, then I ran and ate breakfast, then Deborah helped me with song service.  After that, Hebrew lab and worship.  Dr. Hasel spoke for that and it was really good!  After Michelle's class we had convocation.  It was A. C. Green who spoke.  He's a retired pro basketball player who played in the NBA for like 13 years.  Most of his time was in the Los Angeles Lakers.  It's hard to believe he's already retired.  He's only 48.  But yeah, he had an amazing testimony and challenge for students here at Southern.  He was talking about how he was able to keep his Christianity even through he was part of a bunch of worldly people.  And he made an appeal at the end that we would have our morals rise as we're in college, not fall like most people.  So it was really good.

When we got back from outreach, I was really feeling piano withdrawals, because I haven't touched one for like a month.  So I went over to the music building and played for close to 20 minutes.  I was so happy. :)  But as I was walking back over to the dorm, I noticed someone had written on my back windshield "Caution: Alaskan Driver" and had moved my vehicle so it was halfway on the lawn.  I am really confusolated because I saw DeWayne, Ryan, LisaMarie, and Katie nearby eating pizza at DeWayne's car, so I assume it was they who did it.  And I happen to know LisaMarie has the car window paint and she was modifying some of the stuff on DeWayne's car at the time.  And her car had on the back windshield "Caution: Canadian Driver", so I seriously think it was them.  But they won't admit to anything. =P

Well, after that, I worked some on Hebrew homework, Dad called, then I decided to get to bed and get up early to finish my homework.  But as I passed Victor's room, I heard the song "You Raise Me Up", so that gave me an excuse to bug him.  I hadn't ever been in his room before...  But anyway, he had his electric guitar out, and so I enjoyed quite a concert for quite awhile.  And then Ryan happened to stop by right as I was getting ready to leave.  So then I stayed for awhile more.  So now I'm finally getting ready to get to bed and I'll get up at 5...

But tomorrow will be wonderful!  I'm watching Courageous at like 1:05 or something...  And the Evangelistic Meetings are starting tomorrow night.  So that is exciting!  Anyway, talk to you later! :)

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