Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Yep, today was epic.  I actually got all caught up on homework that was due today, which was nice.  I'm behind currently again, but oh well.  I'll deal with that in the morning...  I missed one in the Vocab quiz in Hebrew, but that wasn't too bad.  And the other two classes went well.  And after lunch, I worked on homework, then had an interview for the mission trip I applied for in May.  So that went really well.  So I will most likely be leaving for Chad, Africa on May 13! :)  Or something like that...  Then we went to the opening night of the Archaeology Seminar at 6:30.  And today was Michelle's birthday!!!  So we had a surprise party for her after that. :)  It was so much fun!  We had cake and balloons and all kinds of things.  And then we played Psychiatrist.  That was lots of fun. :)

Anyway, then I spent some time with Ryan and DeWayne in Ezekiel and Revelation, and now it's extremely late and I'm off to bed.  Below is a slideshow of pictures from today...

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