Saturday, September 10, 2011

Today was so much fun!  I got to sleep in until nearly 8! =P  That was nice.  I met the buses in front of Wright Hall at 8:30 and we left shortly after that for Cloudland Canyon State Park for the School of Religion's annual retreat.  We had Sabbath School, led by Dr. Nixon, and then a little blindfold activity where we had to follow our leader's voice.  And then church, where Dr. Tryon gave a very powerful sermon about Joshua's farewell sermons.  In summary, it is as follows:

Remember the past,
Revel in the future,
Reflect on His precepts,
Respond to the call.

After church, we had haystacks for lunch.  Very good!  And then we took the buses over to the canyon and went hiking.  That was a lot of fun!  DeWayne, Katie, and I stuck together the whole time, and we got quite a bit of hiking accomplished.  Then we met back at the buses at 5 and came back to campus.  I guess we got back here at about 6:30...  Then quite a few people went over to Parkers' house at 7 for smoothies and supper and worship.  That was really nice.  So I just got back from that.  I think I might try to edit a video from today, and then post this...  So have a great night!

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