Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today was long, but good.  It of course started at 6, with breakfast at 6:30.  Then prayer at 7, and somewhere in the middle of that, I remembered about song service, so I had to rush back to the dorm by 7:25 to lead that.  Dr. Parker had the worship, which was VERY good!  He told 3 stories that were so powerful...  Then I had to rush to Hebrew lab at 8, then worship with SALT at 8:45.  Then all my other classes.  We had convocation at 11, but each department had their own.  So it was nice.  And then lunch at 12.  Anna and Barry joined me, William, and Ryan for lunch.  Then Dr. Martin's class at 1 and Outreach class at 2.  Then outreach all afternoon...  We had 7 studies scheduled, but none of them panned out...  Oh well.  Then I was actually right a time or two when Hahna and I disagreed today, so I said we needed to celebrate and get ice cream or something.  As the afternoon progressed, we both liked that idea more and more, so after we finished outreach at 8 o'clock, we went to an ice cream shop and got frozen yogurt.  Boy was that good!  And expensive...  But that's beside the point. =P  And then we finally got back to campus around 9...  And now I'm off to bed.  Oh, but Dr. Parker asked me to take pictures of today for It Is Written, so I did that.  And I uploaded them to Facebook and Picasa, so I'll put a slideshow below...  Hope you all had a great day!

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