Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Night

Today was quite the day!  It started with breakfast of course, and then Hebrew at 8.  Yeah.  Quite the quiz at the beginning...  I need to work on my alphabet. =P  Then I had to write an essay for the English CLEP test that I had transferred in.  After that, I worked on homework for awhile.  Then DeWayne, Ryan, and I ran into Collegedale to the Tractor Supply store and browsed at shirts and everything else under the sun.  Yeah, that was fun. =P  Then we came back and worked on more homework until I left to meet Dad at Golden Corral. :)  We had a great dinner, then he gave me a long board.  So we rode around in the Collegedale Church parking lot on those for a little while.  Then I took a shower and got changed while Dad ran back to his hotel to get changed.  And after that was vespers, which was really powerful.  James Black from NAD spoke.  Then we had the Ministries Expo, and Uncle Trenton showed Dad around the Wellness Center.  Then I showed Dad my room and he left for bed, so I'm off to bed too. :)  Good night!  I'll be up bright and early in the morning...

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