Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Sabbath!

I'm so thankful for Sabbath!  This week has been crazy...  But I've really enjoyed it.  But I need to get some sleep tonight.  Which I'm not getting a very good start at. =P

Anyway, today I had to get up and finish Hebrew homework and go over flash cards with DeWayne before class at 8.  Then I ate breakfast after that.  Several of us were sitting together and we had a nice leisurely breakfast.  We were sitting there for an hour and a half. =P  Anyway, then I took a shower and went to get my hair cut.  Hahna's mom is a hairdresser that works out of her home and she said that she would give all the SALT students free haircuts.  So I had an appointment at 11:00. :)  It is so nice, though, because I was really needing a haircut...  Then I did some homework before 3:00 when I played Ultimate Frisbee for awhile.  That was really fun. :)  It was kind of windy, which made it interesting, but even though our team was outnumbered and we had kind of a rough start, we managed to have 8 consecutive wins by the end. :)

This weekend is the Ministerial Candidate Recognition Weekend, or something like that.  So the conference president is speaking this weekend in the girls' dorm.  So that's where I went to vespers tonight.  Joe played the piano, which is always a treat. :)

Anyway, then Deborah, DeWayne, Donald (our Hebrew tutor), and I spent quite awhile after vespers visiting.  And then DeWayne and I went to his room for awhile, but now I am off to bed.  So goodnight!

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