Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday night

Hello all!

So today was pretty good.  I slept in until nearly 8:30. :)  Class started at 9:30.  We had a special guest, Joe Cirigliano, as our speaker.  He was really good!  Basically he answered our questions on evangelism for 3 hours. :)  Then most of us ate lunch at the Campus Kitchen.  Hahna couldn't go with me this afternoon, so Deborah went on my Bible studies with me.  And we were outreach partners for the blitz that we did this afternoon.  Instead of doing normal outreach today, all of us took territories near the church and just gave as many flyers out as possible.  So we had one street we did and then several apartment buildings.  And we gave one Bible study.  So all in all it went pretty well.  After I got home, I did a little homework, then called Mom and the family and talked for nearly 2 hours.  Then I went up to DeWayne's room where we ate some popcorn and stuff and I got most of my Hebrew homework done that's due in the morning.  I'll finish it when I get up...

So anyway, I'm off to sleep.  Goodnight!

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