Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DeWayne's birthday!

Yep, today was quite the day!  It was DeWayne's birthday, but he didn't want anyone to sing to him.  But we did - at worship. =P  And LisaMarie wrote Happy Birthday on the board and we all signed our names.

Classes went normally, and then after lunch, Deborah and I worked on our Matthew 24 study together.  That was a lot of fun.  And we got them mostly done.  I just need to come up with an introduction for mine and possibly another illustration or two...  Then I went to Ryan's room and studied a little before we went to the Evangelistic Meetings planning meeting.  During the middle of it, LisaMarie went out and wrote and drew all over DeWayne's windows on his car and I took the Fuel Pump Relay out, so it wouldn't start. =P  So everybody had pretty much "left" when DeWayne tried to start his car, and of course, it wouldn't start.  That was hilarious!  So then all the cars pulled back in and everybody jumped out and sang Happy Birthday to him again. =P  Then Katie pulled out little things of ice cream she had brought and we played 2 rounds of Ninja.  And I "fixed" DeWayne's car again. :)  We finished by all gathering around DeWayne and praying for him.  It was really neat.  Then we came home, I'm writing this, and I'm going right to bed!  So goodnight! :)

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