Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday night

Yeah, I'm stressed.  But the week will end one of these days!  I know it will...  I just have way too much homework.  But I'm going to bed now.  I have a Hebrew Vocab quiz in the morning.  Thankfully DeWayne and I spent over an hour with flash cards this evening, so I think I might survive.  And our first test is on Friday...  Oh yeah, and I have all the rest of the classes that have lots of homework.  But enough of that.

Today was normal, except that Hahna and I only went out for an hour and a half of outreach today. :)  Because of the Archaeology seminar that's coming up, we don't need to do as much.  And talking about that, I'm really excited for them!  Ron Clouzet and Dr. Hazel are going to be broadcast live from Nashville and we're doing a down link at the church.  And it starts tomorrow night!  So yeah.  I'm excited. :)

Anyway, I need my sleep.  So goodnight!

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