Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I seriously think the professors are trying to kill us!!!!!!  OK, maybe it's not that bad, but it sure seems like it!  This afternoon I had to write a 4-page reading report on 13 chapters from a book, plus write out a personal testimony that I have to give tomorrow in class.  And I have a quiz in Dr. Martin's class that I haven't studied at all for...  And it's 11:17 at night!  So yeah, I seriously need to get to sleep.  But just a quick summary of my day.  I had class this morning and homework in the afternoon.  The only two breaks I had were when I went to a seminar sponsored by the archaeology museum about Gezer and the search for Solomon and the hall party at 9:00.  The seminar was good.  A Doctor somebody came and spoke from the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminar.  I guess he and Dr. Hasel did their doctorates together, so they've known each other for a long time.  And anyway, this guy leads groups to excavate Gezer every summer.  And the hall party was alright.  We had free pizza at least. :)  And then we just sat around and tried to figure out how to raise money so our next party could be more entertaining. =P  But anyway, I didn't stay too long, because I still had my testimony to write.  But that's done for now, and I am off to bed!  I'm wishing I could sleep in a little in the morning - or at least have time to finish up homework before class!  But I have song service...  And Deborah texted and asked if she could postpone her helping me lead until next week because she's really behind too.  So yeah.  I guess that's what people can do when they're not getting paid. =P

Anyway, goodnight!

PS:  I forgot to mention yesterday, but I found out my scores for my Hebrew test on Friday.  I got 91.8%  I'm ranked at #7 in the class...  Not the highest, but I guess that leaves room for improvement. =P  But I am SO thankful I at least got an A!!! :)

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