Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

Wow, last night was quite the night...  I was just getting ready to hit the Publish button on here, when suddenly all the lights went out!  And of course, when the power goes out, so does the internet... =P  It was nearly 10:00 anyway,  so my room mate and I decided to just head to bed and get up early in the morning to finish homework.  RIGHT!!!!!!!  About 10:30, all of a sudden all of the fire alarms go off!  Yeah...  And it's pouring outside!  But we all had to get out of our nice warm beds and rush upstairs and outside into the pouring rain.  Finally, somebody opened the cafeteria building, so that helped.  At least we could be dry.  I guess someone had broken the sprinkler head in their room, so that was the problem.  And they had to get the pipe fixed before they could shut off the smoke alarm.  So we didn't get let back into our rooms until 1:30.  And my room had flooded, due to the rain.  So thankfully one of the RAs or someone had come in and taken everything out of my closet and off my floor and stacked it on my desk and bed.  So I really can't find anything at the moment...  But anyway, so then they were vacuuming the water off the floor and stuff, so I didn't actually get into bed until 2:00.  I still got up just after 6, so I could get to the caf when it opened at 6:30.  There were only 2 of us students eating breakfast. =P  And then prayer group at 7, which I ended up leading because Daniel didn't show up.  And now 8 am classes are canceled as was the Morning Meditation, so I have a little bit of time to work on homework.  So anyway, below is what I originally wrote last night.

Hey all!  Happy Labor Day!  Yeah, I had to do lots of labor today. =P  Southern knows the true meaning for the holiday I guess... lol

Today started with my alarm going off at 6, waking me out of a sound sleep.  I had worship, then ran over to breakfast when the caf opened at 6:30.  It was pouring outside!!!  So I felt like I had had a shower...  But anyway, then I joined the prayer group at 7 who had joined under the porch roof on Wright Hall.  That was really good.  Hebrew class was at 8, and I think I passed at least the alphabet part of the quiz. :)  Then we had SALT worship at 10, where the electricity went out for nearly 2 hours.  So we were in the semi-darkness until near the end of Dr. Samaan's class.  Then we had Dr. Parker's class and lunch.  And after that, I've been working on homework and calling Dad and Mom and Mr. Musgrove.  I still have another chapter in Christ's Way of Reaching People to read, but I'll do that in the morning...  I need to get to sleep now.  I also have a devotional thought I need to share at the prayer group and song service to lead after that for worship here in the boys' dorm.  So yeah, bed here I come!

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