Sunday, September 11, 2011


Well, it's late, so this will be short.  I went to a pancake breakfast they had in the student park at 8:30 which was good. (Free food is always nice. =P)  Then we had class at 9:30, and we were done by lunch. :)  They're trying to make it easier for us, because everyone is getting way behind on homework...  So several of us went to the Campus Kitchen for lunch.  LisaMarie's car was dead, so we had to hunt down jumper cables and get that going after that.  And so we got to ride in Matt's jeep, which was fun.  He had the top off.  There isn't much leg room (Victor got the front seat, so LisaMarie and I were stuck in the back), but it was still lots of fun.  I want one now. =P  Then I did some homework before Hahna and I left for outreach at 2:30.  We went for nearly 2 hours...  None of our Bible studies panned out, but we invited all of our contacts to the Archaeology Seminar that's starting Wednesday night.  And they all seemed very interested.  So that should be good.  Then I got back and worked on homework and then worked on what I'm going to say for the SALT worship in the morning...  And now I'm off to bed.  Goodnight!

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