Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 6

Well, today has been way too long for the amount of sleep I got last night...  But it's gone alright.  Hebrew lab at 8, worship with SALT, then classes.  Lunch was at 12, then Dr. Martin's class after that, and then outreach class and outreach.  It was so funny.  All of us were so exhausted today that everything was hilarious.  We stood in a circle holding hands for like 10 minutes trying to get into the proper mood for prayer. =P  Then Hahna and I seemed to think everything was so funny on outreach.  Not sure why, but yeah...  But at least we got some homework done in the car - she read out loud one of our reading assignments.  So that saved me some time tonight.  So we got back at nearly 8:30, then I ate some supper and did my homework worksheet for Hebrew.  And now I'm getting ready for bed.

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