Sunday, September 4, 2011

September 4

Today wasn't too long which was nice.  I got to sleep in until 8. :)  Then I took a shower and ate breakfast while trying to finish up homework.  Class started at 10.  Our guest lecturer was Dr. Samaan, which was definitely a highlight of the day.  He is SO hilarious!  Then after lunch we had outreach class and then we went door-to-door again.  Hahna and I had 3 Bible studies scheduled for this afternoon, but only 1 of them actually was home. :(  Oh well, that one went well at least.  The rest of the time was spent knocking on doors and nobody seemed to be home.  But I know it wasn't a wasted day...  When I got back, I finished homework for tomorrow, then went to DeWayne's room where we studied Hebrew for awhile and then just talked.  So that was fun.  And now I'm back in my room and getting ready for bed.  Good night!

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