Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Night

Today went pretty well.  Hebrew at 8:00, Worship at 10:00, more 2 classes, then lunch at 1:00.  And then I was free. :)  So I met with Dr. Parker and went to Records and got an essay scheduled for Friday morning.  And then I did my homework and DeWayne and I ran into town.  We went to WalMart and then BestBuy so he could buy a small fridge.  And we spent way too long browsing. =P  But I actually held my very first Canon 5D Mark II!!!  I could not believe it!  I saw my very first one in real life this morning during class, because the media department came in and did some filming during one of our classes and they were using one.  And then I got to touch one at BestBuy!  Yeah, a very nice camera. :)  Only $2,500... lol

I'm still not feeling well at all, so I took a shower as soon as we got back and now I'm heading to bed...  So good night all!  I'm supposed to try to lead song service at 7:25 in the morning...  Yeah, should be interested.  Oh why did I pick Great is Thy Faithfulness and How Great Thou Art?

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