Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 18

Today I started by heading into the college and making the deposit on my dorm room and getting all of that straightened out.  Then I went over to the church for the classes.  Most of today was final exams, so that was fun.  I did them just to see how well I would do.  I did surprisingly well actually!  Then after lunch, I ended up going with Travis to his 2 o'clock Bible Study because his partner, Julie, had to go with Michelle on another Bible Study around that time.  So that was fun.  It was actually Travis's first time giving one, and I thought he did very well.  After we were done with that, he took me back over to the church because Julie would be able to go with him for the rest of his, and I went back onto campus and got all my financial stuff straightened out.  So I think I've gotten nearly everything done that I can do before moving into the dorm on Sunday...  So yeah.

After getting back here to Schwarzer's house around 5:30, I helped/watched Mr. Ivins work until after 9 when he left.  And now I'm going to head to bed "early". :)  So have a wonderful night!

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